Happy Earth Day! Here are today’s five things:

1. You’re familiar with getting your lean on, the lean back… now it’s time to learn about Lean In, the new book from Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg on why women leadership has stalled. I need to get my hands on this book immediately. For years I’ve been fascinated by how women are viewed in the workplace. Sure, I’m biased because my company was started and is run by a woman – one who happens to be an amazing leader. However, on the national average, women still make less than men and are treated poorly for demonstrating the character traits men are praised/rewarded for. Sandberg sums it up well, as reported in this ReadWriteWeb article, when she says: “As men get more powerful and successful, everybody likes them better. Men and women,” Sandberg said. “As women become more successful, everyone likes them less. If we can begin to understand that, we can change it.”

2. Teens are too busy with technology to get a drivers license. Researchers from that school up north (a.k.a., University of Michigan) compared the percentage of teens who have their drivers license 2012 to 1983 and 2008. The difference is dramatic – 69% in 1983 compared to 46% today. Why is that? The research indicated that teens feel they’re connected and don’t have as big a need to ‘go see friends’. Teens are also more socially aware and rely on public transportation to travel.

Combine this with the fact that 50% of teens use their phones to access the internet and that they are the most connected of any generation, and you can start to see how technology is affecting our society and the future of it in ways we couldn’t have expected. What impact will this have on us psychologically when the line between virtual and real connection becomes more and more grey? And selfishly speaking, how will this impact brands’ marketing efforts if teens are expecting you to be virtually accessible more often?  (Image from RWW/Shuttershock)

3. Artsy Vines are 6 seconds too – just cooler. Did you know that Vines have arrived? Why do I say this? Because they have their own contest in the Tribeca film festival. The winners will be announced on April 26 but here is a shortlist featuring nine revealed by the jurors ahead of time. You can watch them all in literally less than a minute. What other film festival can claim that? I personally like the Skateboard vine (hey, I used to ride a skateboard) but they’re all great – and some are just stunning. The Red Vines one is a great example of how brands can get in on the act too.

4. Nike is using Instagram to show you how a company lives its brand. Nike is allowing you to just do it with its PHOTOiD app that lets you select an image, select a shoe and then decorates that shoe based on the colors in the image you chose. You can then name it, share it and even order it. Nike has found a way to apply the coolness/individuality of social media to its actual product. This is the type of innovation I’ve been hoping to see as companies look for ways to capitalize on ‘what’ social media is actually creating. Data is a wonderful thing and ultimately will drive sales longer and further than anything else. But this approach with the PHOTOiD app is a shortcut, plain and simple. The only downside is people will be walking around with Nikes inspired by their cats, dinner, kids and flower beds.

5. Pop culture meets typography. This site is awesome as it takes some popular, well-known movie quotes and turns them into word art. There is a great Ghostbusters set as well as one of my favorite Rocky IV quotes.