Today’s I’ve Ben thinking blog…

1. In case you missed it, Kmart wants you to ship your pants. Ship your drawers. Ship the bed. No word on how they’ll treat ship on a shingle but I’m sure they’ll think of something. This ad is so funny you might just ship yourself. Some people find it offensive. Some people don’t have a sense of humor.

2. If only everything in life came with a map. A big passion of mine is branding. Sometimes I think companies overthink branding a little bit. A valuable skill to have when talking to companies about their brands is how you organize their thoughts. I always like to ask ‘what are you actually hoping to accomplish?’ and ‘what do you want to say?’ And as important as the answers to those questions are, understanding what the answers mean is even more important.

I came across this brand strategy road map in an article by Graham Robertson, on the Brandixit Group on LinkedIn, and had to share. I don’t know what format or shape this would ultimately take in my branding meetings but I do know I like the origins of it and how it moves you (forces you) into telling the brand story.

3. Is this the worse infomercial ever? Or the best? As I watch this a few thoughts pop into my head: 1.) Is this so bad it’s good?; 2.) Is this the worst product ever made?; 3.) Who would actually buy this?; 4.) If I was in high school I would definitely be buying this; 5.) If I bought one do I really need two?; 6.) Is everyone in this ad related to the owner?

What do you think?

4. Five Ogilvyisms that still apply today, especially with social media. Some of the best advice never goes out of style. And when you can combine it with Don Draper memes, even better. Case in point are these five ‘Ogilvyisms’ from David Ogilvy, basically the Yoda of advertising.