What I’ve Ben thinking about this morning:

1. Stress kills. No, really, it does.
2. Durex has a new app. Yes, it involves what you think.
3. iTunes is 10 years old!
4. Top 10 geek movies. You could say it confirms a few things.

1. All this talk about stress is stressing me out. Not sure if you heard the news but apparently there’s a new black death. Yep, the 21st century version is stress. It cost American companies $300B a year. It’s the most common reason employees take long-term sick leave. And it’s starting to stress me out. Can you feel your chest tightening as you read this article? Well, quick, read this article that tells you how to (kind of deal with it). For me, stress is my life. I’m in public relations – which is only one of the top five most stressful jobs. But I guess I don’t look at it as stress. I’ve never made any apologies for the atmosphere our profession offers – and a lot of people I’ve been lucky enough to work with actually like the pace (sicko’s). I have to say though, reading so much about this does make me think – am I not doing something right? Should I be….doing something? I’ll be honest, it’s starting to stress me out! Take that article that talks about dealing with stress – all great advice, I agree. BUT – I have two kids. They are my me time. It’s damn near impossible to schedule and count on ‘me time’, no? Take it when you can get it. Enjoy it when you can get it. I think the article could’ve started and ended with the last point of advice – remember to enjoy it. And that goes for whatever ‘it’ is that matters in your life. I love the scene in Swingers where Rob (Ron Livingston) tells Mikey (Jon Favreau) that he needs to stop worrying about what he doesn’t have and start enjoying what he does have. I think accepting the reality of your situation, good or bad, and realizing you’re in the moment is the best way to actually enjoy the moment.

2. Durex has a new app. You could say it’s hands on. Durex Australia has released an app called Fundawear. It’s a set of underwear for couples that is fitted with special sensors that can be controlled by each person via the app. Yes, the sensors are where you think they are. And yes, they do what you think they do. Read more for yourself (and a video) here on Digiday. I guess this is a cool idea but seems like one of those “do it just because you can” apps. Personally when I’m traveling and I have the TV to myself, the last thing I’m doing is throwing on some Fundawear and calling up my wife. There’s sports to be watched people.

3. iTunes is 10 years old. If that surprises you, face it, you’re old. iTunes turned 10 years old yesterday. If you can, try to remember what the music industry was like BiT (Before iTunes). Yea, you remember – hitting the FYE and buying your $19.99 CD. Checking out the top 10 singles. Then you’d run over to Circuit City and see what CDs were on sale for $9.99, maybe picking up REO Speedwagon greatest hits. Dammit if you would’ve just gotten it with your last BMG order. Instead you’re the

Man, I really want to say I kind of miss the ‘olden days’ but…I don’t. And neither does anyone else. To date 26 billion songs have been downloaded and only 39% of music revenue comes from CDs and other physical media. You know what does make me a little nostalgic though? The number one and two songs the week iTunes was released – 50 Cent In Da Club and R.Kelly Ignition. (See the rest of the top 10 here.)

Ironic that this is on the heels of our conversation last week regarding the best streaming service. As this article points out, it’s less about ‘owning’ the music now than it’s ever been. I feel that’s mainly because of how we listen v. when we listen. We are sacrificing quality of convenience. Personally I think this might lead to a resurgence in records. If you’re going to buy something for the sound, why not buy the best? Which, as we all know, is vinyl. (Damn, now I want to go watch High Fidelity.)

4. Top 10 geek movies confirms…I’m a geek. This is a fun list. The top 10 geek movies according to ReadWriteWeb. The movies you would expect to be on here, are on here. I don’t know if you’ll agree with all 10 or with where Star Wars ranks but I don’t have any real complaint with it. I would’ve liked to see Back to the Future on here but like I said, no real complaints.