What have I Ben thinking about today?

1. AMC has a new logo and tagline! Who cares. As long as they have ‘Mad Men’, ‘Breaking Bad’, ‘The Walking Dead’ and show Shawshank Redemption 19 times a week, I’ll keep watching no matter what the logo looks like. But way to keep it fresh, AMC.

2. Indians are going 162-0 and five other big takeaways from the first three days of the season. Aren’t you glad baseball is back? The Indians gave Tito his first Tribe win. Yu Darvish blew it in the 9th. And I’m pretty sure I’ve got this whole thing figured out – see what you think of my takeaways: 1. I’m going to love watching the Yankees suck. 2. The Tigers and White Sox are going to be really good. 3. I’m really going to enjoy watching the Dodgers and Giants battle all year long. 4. I am not digging year-round interleague play. 5. The Indians having the third cheapest beer, by the oz (33 cents/oz) will haunt them at some point this season.

3. What….the hell, Rutgers University? Let me get this straight. A basketball  coach physically abuses his players. Uses homophobic slurs. Throws and kicks balls at them. And the school doesn’t fire him? What the hell is wrong with you Rutgers University? What does that say about you as a university that you allow someone in a leadership position – who leads young men – to act this way? What does it say? Plenty.

4. Sesame Street. Brought to you by the number five. As in five alleged cases of sexual abuse against Kevin Clash (aka dude who voices Elmo). Consider the biggest controversy Sesame Street faced before this was Cookie Monster not encouraging healthy eating and you can appreciate the magnitude of what they’re facing. Not only does this affect their brand but it also brings into question the supervision and awareness on the set of Sesame Street. Apparently they employ the same security company Penn State hired to keep an eye on their locker room showers. Clash still maintains his innocence.

5. Have you seen the world’s most amazing, fantastic, creative car ad ever made? It’s not every day you can sell a used Toyota Camry for $1,500…so you better make it count! I love this story. It just shows you that creativity can come from anywhere. And at any (small) cost.