Here’s what I’ve Ben thinking about this morning….

1. Former anorexic woman is now a ‘plus’ size model.
2. Drug hats are all the rage right now.
3. Admit it Browns fans, you want Tim Tebow.
4. Netflix is the most viewed TV network.

1. Former anorexic woman is now a plus size model.So what do you think when you hear a woman who is a recovered anorexic is now a plus-sized lingerie model — and is now aiming to help others with body-image issues? No brainer – a feel good story, right? Of course it is. But what surprised me about this story is what is considered ‘plus-size’. The woman, Alice Jackson, who is 5′ 9, now weighs 154 pounds and is a finalist in a Curvy Kate competition.

So 154 pounds is plus size? Wow. I’m not pretending to know anything about this topic so I apologize if you’re thinking ‘uh, yea, where have you been?’ And as my wife explained it to me, the modeling world has its own definition of ‘plus’ size. (This actually made me ask why the term ‘plus’ even exists at all – why can’t it just be the size and be done with it? Why the label? But that’s for another day I guess.)

I don’t know; I don’t think I’m really qualified to speak to the psychological right or wrong of this. But it did grab my attention, mainly because I have two daughters, and every week my seven-year-old sees the magazines at the grocery store checkout, most of which have a picture of a ‘fat’ Kim Kardashian. Of course my seven-year-old can read and asks me about it. I have to try and explain to her that one, unless you’re talking about a cat or a burger, fat isn’t a nice word, and two, the ‘lady on the cover’ is pregnant and some people are stupid and mean and apparently don’t understand that a woman’s body goes through changes when she’s having a baby. She then tells me I shouldn’t say stupid and asks if she can buy some gum. And while I’m grateful for the reprieve, I know that it’s temporary…in so many ways. (These kids need to come with an instruction manual.)

2. Drug hats are all the rage right now. Man, tough to raise kids in today’s world, no? All the work you’re doing to tell your kids about the dangers of drugs and along comes Urban Outfitters and their trendy new rainbow drug hat (image from Urban Outfitters).

No, seriously, it’s a hat that says D R U G S on it in rainbow print. What….is going on out there? Take the whole ‘drugs are bad, they’re bad!’ factor out of this – who wants to wear this hat? Why would anyone want to wear this hat? And it retails for $42! It doesn’t have a shock factor. It has a dumb factor. Can’t kids just listen to Cypress Hill? Why do they have to drop $42 on a stupid hat?

3. Admit it Browns fans, you want Tim Tebow. Well, maybe you don’t want him, but you know he’s going to end up in a Browns uniform come August. He won’t be here as a quarterback but he will be here as a full back or tight end. Your current full back (Owen Marecic) and tight ends (Gary Barnridge, Jordan Cameron, Kellen Davis, Dan Gronkowski, Brad Smelley) aren’t exciting anyone. You need a little bit of extra excitement and some media attention. So I ask you – Tebow? Why not?

4. Netflix is the most watched cable network in the U.S. Ok, so Netflix isn’t an actual cable network…but people treat it like one. So much so that they watch Netflix more than any other network – 87 minutes per U.S. Household per day, to be exact. According to this article, sourcing BTIG Research, that’s just a little more than the Disney Channel, which makes sense given their large catalog of kids shows and the fact so many parents treat Netflix as a babysitter.

Netflix also accounts for the most bandwidth – by far – at 33% of downstream traffic. (Next closest is YouTube at 14%.) I find it interesting that Netflix is leading the assault on network TV given its risky move a few years ago to start charging for the streaming service (it was previously included in your subscription). It angered a lot of people, including yours truly (looking back on it I still think Netflix handled it wrong but have to admire their conviction). Now, with strong original programming (people keep telling me I HAVE to watch ‘House of Cards’) and a vast library of shows they are the best performer on the S&P 500, up 134%. I might actually have to reconsider my own subscription. Babysitters are hard to find these days.