Good morning! Hey, thought you’d want to know that 89 million people in the United States are going to watch 1.2 billion online videos today. Not sure what percentage of that is porn, but hey, that’s a crazy number right?

That and a few other things I’m thinking about today:

1. 15 stats you’ll want to know about online video. Are you sick of hearing me talk about the stats that back up how important it is to integrate video (and visual content, more importantly) into your business strategy? Well I’m going to keep talking about it. It’s critical. But it’s not about what you can offer anymore. It’s quickly becoming about what people expect from you – and that’s why your strategy is important.

2. One day later and Rutgers made a bad situation worse. Sure, Rutgers University fired a terrible person for being a complete jackass but they did it after 1.) not firing him, 2.) initially claiming they felt the punishment (suspension/fine/counseling) fit the crime, 3.) underestimating the public reaction, 4.) ignoring the facts at the highest level and 5.) not firing him.  We all know that when you try to brush something under the rug or misrepresent a situation, the consequences of dealing with that far outweigh any damage you’d sustain if you would’ve just come clean in the first place.

Now Rutgers University has a serious image problem. Their president and AD, both of who should also be fired, have violated, in a very public way, their number one responsibility – to create a safe environment for students. They are responsible. They knew this was going on and chose a light punishment without weighing the impact it could have on its integrity, brand and reputation. But really, they shouldn’t have had to even think about it. Anyone who saw Rice’s actions would have expected him to be fired. But the University didn’t. And now, by firing him after the fact, they are sending a worse message that they are just firing him because everyone thinks they should. And while Rice is being fired for that the AD, who initially handed down the lighter punishment, gets to keep his job. It just doesn’t make any sense.

What Rutgers should’ve done is acknowledged that they acted too soon and misjudged the severity of the offense. As a result they would be reevaluating not only the basketball program but the entire athletic department. They could use this to re-establish who they are and ‘re-commit’ to a program of high integrity and standards. In light of this they will be parting ways with Mike Rice as he is not a fit with the quality and character they will be searching for and the AD is under evaluation.

Oh well. If doing the right thing was easy, everyone would be doing it.

3. If the Game of Thrones characters had facebook pages… if you like GoT, you will love this. Jamie Lannister? Jon Snow? Tyrion Lannister? I’d definitely be friends with these guys! I’m amazed at what people come up with when they love something. And we all know people LOVE Game of Thrones (present company included).

4. Minority Report got it all wrong. Marketing has made us smarter than those precogs ever imagined we could be. Well, it’s not us that’s smarter…. it’s the machines actually. We’re just wearing them. And allowing them to dictate our day, our movements, our decisions, based on how well they read us. And we are perfectly fine to turn over as much thinking as possible to the machines – gives us more time to check facebook! This ain’t science fiction, this is reality. Suck on that Tom Cruise.

5. Only ‘old’ people listen to AM/FM radio. The ‘older’ demographic of 36+ listens to more AM/FM radio than any other demographic. And if the numbers are correct, soon, we might be the only demographic listening to AM/FM radio. Streaming radio, specifically Pandora, is gaining significant ground, representing nearly a quarter of the total listening audience. And what surprised me the most is the majority claimed to listen in their cars. This is encouraging overall because it means as younger generations mature, they won’t be listening to Rush Limbaugh. And that’s something we can all benefit from.