You know what is number one on my list today – the Windians taking on the dreaded, New…York…Yankees. Is there anything better than a home opener? Tribe in the afternoon, NCAA championship game tonight? It doesn’t get any better. Cue up John Fogerty. Put the Yuengling on ice. Release the balloons and enjoy the day, #Believeland.

The rest of what I’ve Ben thinking has a few things to read while you’re stuck in traffic on your way downtown:

2. Someone call a priest…the PC market is dying. According to Carolina Milanesi, research vice president at Gartner, “consumers (will) shift their time away from their PC to tablets and smartphones” and no longer see their PC as a device they need to replace on a regular basis. And the numbers don’t lie – 341 million PCs were sold in 2012. That is going to decrease to 302 million in 2014 and 272 million in 2017. I don’t see myself choosing my iPad over my MacBook but I do find myself using my iPhone a heck of a lot more around the house to look stuff up on IMDB, check sports info, etc. I’m curious to see how this will affect the ‘second screen’ experience and what we actually default to our PCs for.

3. Want a challenge? Defend sugar. To moms. There’s $2M in it for you if you do! So being the crazy PR people that we are, we love a good challenge. And this one is a doozey: defend sugar. The National Confectioners Association (Mars, Nestle, Hershey and other leading candy companies) is searching for a PR shop that can do this in the face of the rough times their companies. Especially challenging will be targeting moms. Truthfully, we’re all qualified to do this, right? I mean, who hasn’t pulled a ‘just one’ or ‘just one more’ or ‘I’ve barely had any candy today!’ Problem is…and we all know the answer to this…our success rate. Good luck to whatever firm is chosen. And remember, eating sugar doesn’t spoil your dinner…if it is your dinner.

4. The biggest injustice to Kevin Ware came off the court. You might have seen the warm-up shirts Louisville was wearing during the Final Four game Saturday. They were created by Adidas and are a tribute to fallen teammate Kevin Ware, reading ‘RI5E to the Occasion’. Adidas sold them last week, leading up to the game. And Louisville was nice enough to take the profits from those sales and put them into their scholarship funds. (Adidas has since halted the sale of these shirts.) I’m not sure how that’s fair – a guy breaks his leg and the school profits. There is something seriously wrong with the NCAA. I would try and figure it out but I’m going to be too busy watching the championship game.

5. The Star Wars Ultimate Character contest is down to its last two. It all comes down to this. On one side, you have small but mighty. Fast and furious when needed, but always watching, waiting for the right moment. On the other side…the dark side. Powerful. Able to beat you several ways. Nah, I’m not talking about Louisville v. Michigan. I’m talking about Yoda v. Darth Vader. One day left to vote in the Star Wars ultimate character contest!