The five things I’m thinking about today:

1. Hail, to the victors…or as I like to call them, Louisville. Sure, the refs weren’t the best last night. And John Beiliene didn’t do the best job managing this game with some of his players in foul trouble. Or down the stretch. Or at all I guess. But, come on, come on…”timeout”. We all know who’s fault this was. Yep, C-Webb. He jinxed you Michigan fans. And he wore a dumb hat to the game.

2. The maize and blue is no more. No, really, it isn’t. I hadn’t heard this but apparently Michigan’s famed colors – maize and blue – aren’t maize and blue. According to this article the maize was replaced by ‘sun’ when the school left Nike and went to Adidas. Nike apparently copyrighted maize as the Michigan yellow, meaning Adidas had to create its own version of it, hence ‘sun’. Is it true? Who knows. But, talking about it irritates Michigan fans and that’s good enough for me.3. The best beer I ever had.

3. This is a great ideaa blog post dedicated to people writing in and telling the story of the best beer they ever had. What I love about it is it’s not about the beer at all…it’s about the moment, the friend, the memory of why that beer was so good. Everyone who knows me knows I enjoy a good brew, however, what I enjoy more about it is what the beer represents. You name a moment I’ll name a beer that can make it better. There’s an old saying about French wine…’I forget the name of the place. I forget the name of the girl. But I’ll never forget the Bourgogne.’ That’s how I feel about a good beer.

4. Top five nerd movies of all time. Top three are a lock. Rest….eh. So, nerds are big right now. Nice of that trend to come about 20 years too late. But regardless, it’s here. And a debate over the top five nerd movies of all time with it. I have no problems with the top three. Hell, I don’t even have a problem with the order. BUT, I’m not so hot on the fourth and fifth. Uh, where is Weird Science? How about Sneakers? Sixteen Candles could be there? *batteries not included? Short Circuit? I think a lot more time could’ve gone into this. I might need to put some of my own time into a top 10 list. Stay tuned.

5. I love technology…but this is dumb. I don’t need a wrist band that gives me a digital readout of ‘important texts and facebook messages’. Seriously people. There’s doing something because it’s a good idea. Then there’s doing something just to do something. Why would you want messages displayed on your wrist? What’s the purpose of this? Why don’t we just go back to pagers? They worked pretty well. Sure, you don’t have the pay phones to complete the experience but if it’s a important or an emergency, you can use your phone to call them back. Or, they could just text or call you directly. So yea, let’s just pump the brakes technology.