It’s Mothers Day this weekend! And to honor mothers everywhere, here are the top 10 TV moms:

1. Claire Huxtable. (The Cosby Show) Smart. Career-minded. And always there for her kids. And her husband, even when she broke her toe. Did she let it ruin her night out with Cliff and their fun family night? Heck no!

2. Mrs. C aka Marion Cunningham. (Happy Days) Listen, we all know Mrs. C had something going on with the Fonz. But that’s not why she’s ranking this high. She’s ranking this high because she always kept things loose around the Cunninghams, never letting Howard get too carried away. Sure, Joanie and Chachi were probably ‘doing it’ behind her back but I bet she would’ve been cool with it.

3. Marie Barone. (Everybody Loves Raymond) From a son’s perspective, how can you not love Marie? She had unconditional love for her sons, put her family first and was always ready to cook them up a meal.

4. Florida Evans. (Good Times) Come on. Look at everything she had to overcome. That episode where she finds out James has died (Damn, Damn, Damn!!!)? Too much.

5. Maggie Seaver. (Growing Pains) Kind of like Claire, Maggie was a working mom that always made time for the family. I think she might have dropped the ball with Chrissy as she was left with the other kids a lot but hey, they were in the sixth season by then. So, you know. The shark had been jumped

6. Elise Keaton. (Family Ties) She was an architect for Christ’s sake! She delivered Andy at a public TV station! On the air! She might need to be higher than 6.

7. Claire Dunphy (Modern Family) Sorry, had to get a ‘modern’ mom on here. Plus I kind of have a thing for Julie Bowen. Do you remember her from Happy Gilmore?  (That’s her, holding the pitchers of beer.)

8. Norma Arnold (Wonder Years) She had to put up with Wayne (‘Hey Butthead!’), Kevin’s looks, Karen’s hippiness and the big guy himself, Jack. She made a nice meatloaf and always tried to play the peacekeeper. I have to ask – who was looking out for Mrs. Arnold? Doesn’t she deserve some happiness?

9. Roseanne Connor. (Roseanne) Yea, I know. She wasn’t your ideal mom but she always figured out a way to take care of things. Plus she navigated those early 90s years better than anyone.

10. June Cleaver. (Leave it to Beaver) I tried really hard to leave her off this list but the fact is she was probably a pretty hip lady. We can’t hold the 50s against her. She kept the Beav in check and always knew how to talk to Ward. But just like Norma I feel like the Beav’s moms needs were never addressed. This poor woman had to wear a dress and an apron every day. Did she ever get to cut loose? Did she ever get to have some fun?

Happy Mothers Days to moms everywhere. And to mine: mom, thanks for always being my biggest fan, pushing me, giving me confidence and the gift of gab.