What I’m thinking about this morning:

1. Jack Bauer!
2. Kids make funny faces!
3. Prostitutes!
4. Facebook!
5. The Walking Dead!

Oh my!

1. Jack Bauer is back! How bad is TV programming? So bad Jack Bauer has to come back! And I couldn’t be happier. ’24’ will be back as a 12-episode ‘event’ and compress some of the hours (why couldn’t we have this in season one or two when Kim was waaay annoying?). Seriously, how cool is this if you’re a ‘24’ fan? And more importantly, hats off to Fox for a new approach to programming with this 12-episode format.

I think TV has to change if networks are going to keep fresh programs and ideas in the mix. The traditional programming, scheduling and formula has to be modified. For too long shows have been messing with sampling shows at weird times, ruining what could be cool programs (i.e., ‘The Event’ – still pissed about this) and jeopardizing what are great shows (looking at you NBC, with ‘Community’ and ‘Parks and Recreation’). Networks aren’t giving audiences a chance to get into a series. They’re moving it, putting it on hiatus, bringing it back in the summer, etc. This approach is causing the networks to lose fans, lose loyalty and credibility. But don’t worry, if anyone can save them…it’s Jack Bauer. Get ready Chloe.

2. Kids make the funniest faces. One of the things I like about this blog is it allows me to connect with friends who send bits that could be, should be featured. This one came from a friend and co-worker (thanks Schwabe). It basically answers the question ‘hey, what would happen if we photographed a bunch of kids at 500 frames per second as they taste foods for the first time?’ The foods being sampled include lemons, oranges, pickled onions, olives and vegemite. And…the reactions/faces are about what you would expect.

I love creative projects like this where the artist takes a unique view at something simple. (If they ever do another they would get plenty of footage at my house any night of the week, new food or not, as my three-year-old puts on quite the dinner show.)

3. I do not endorse prostitution. Even if it is an option on LinkedIn. You may have notice LinkedIn is updating its terms and conditions. You may not have noticed this update. Even if it is legal where you are located, create profiles or provide content that promotes escort services or prostitution.

Hey, prostitutes are people too. And they need to have their LinkedIn profile optimized just like anyone else. Sure, you really wouldn’t want to draw attention to it but hey, it is a skill that you can be endorsed for. I guess LinkedIn doesn’t view the oldest profession as one worth featuring on your resume. But don’t worry too much for them. Who needs a LinkedIn profile when you have those people passing out your resume on the street corners in Las Vegas?

4. What is social media doing to us? Specifically facebook. Well, there are some terrifying stats that facebook has had on our lives, including:
-Getting hired (or not) as 35% of employers claim to have found something on facebook that has prevented them from hiring a candidate
-Getting a divorce (66% of divorces are linked to facebook)
-Wasting time (one in every seven minutes is spent on facebook)

So, I have to ask…why? Has facebook hit a point that its demographics are an accurate depiction of America? In other words, before facebook what was the majority of divorces tied to? What prevented us from hiring candidates in the past? And how did we spend our free time before? What DID we do before facebook? And what does the fact that we actually have to think about it say about us?

Maybe the most interesting piece of this is our desire to share – without it, there’d be no facebook. So, has this desire always been in us? Did facebook unlock something in us that makes us want to behave this way? Is it changing the way we behave or is it simply an outlet for how we were always meant to behave? My mind is blown. I need a taco.

5. La-bibbida-la-bibba-dum – Walking Dead got the bad lip reading treatment! How did I miss this? It has 5M views already and is awesome. It’s not as good as the NFL one  but still worth the watch! I love these things.