Today I’m thinking about…

1. This is water.
2. The 25 grossest words (my personal number one is on this list)
3. Kareem passes on his sky hook
4. (Social) Science of timing
5. (More) Vines
6. Nerd alert: Star Trek discussion

1. David Foster Wallace tells us ‘This is Water’. It’s received nearly 5M views in less than a week. People can’t stop watching it. Some say it has changed their life. I say it’s an extremely motivational and real message. Whatever you say about it, if you haven’t watched ‘This is water’, the David Foster Wallace speech turned short film, you have to. No, you have to. Right now. It’s nearly 10 minutes but doesn’t feel like it. And oh yea, the agency that made it – The Glossary – didn’t have permission to use Wallace’s words.

I’m ashamed to say I haven’t read any of Wallace’s books, but after seeing this you can be sure I will. Infinite Jest will be arriving shortly.

2. 25 grossest words. Of course this is subjective but Mashable and iJustine put together a list of the 25 grossest words.

I have my own list of words, which I won’t list here, that I find to be highly disgusting. We all do – don’t deny it. What are yours?

3. Kareem passes on the sky hook to Brittney Griner. How cool is this? Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is tutoring Brittney Griner on learning the sky hook. Hey, if anyone can pick it up and use it, she can. If I were to actually watch any WNBA I’d say I look forward to it. But I’ll just wait for SportsCenter to cover it. Anyway, this got me thinking – how would you rank athletes patented moves? I think Kareem has to be at the top of the list, but what does the rest look like? Are there enough to even make a list? I’m not sure so instead, let’s ask ourselves to rank the athlete you’d most want to be for 24 hours: 1. Michael Jordan; 2. Tiger Woods; 3. Peyton Manning; 4. Mickey Mantle; 5. Shaq

4. Science of timing. The best way to learn when to make posts on facebook or twitter is to experiment and learn. Repetition is a great way to establish some rhythm and understanding of when people are going to read something and when they’re not. Another way is to check out this great infographic from Social Media Today.

It will tell you the best windows of time (which I might be violating depending on when you’re reading this). But like I said, unless you validate this within your own network and your targeted readers, you still need to find out for yourself what works.

5. More vines! We mentioned Vines the other day. And we discussed how brands are starting to take notice and produce materials that are cracking the top 100 video list. Well here’s an article from February that gives you 15 brand vine accounts to follow. I think these are great examples because they all demonstrate the actual company brand, i.e., you’re left with a feel of the company, the message, the vibe. And in Lucky’s case, some great outfits!

6. Live long. And prosper. I’m heading to the Star Trek: Into Darkness opening tonight. Stay tuned for a review. But, for some context, I feel I should show you how I rank the Star Trek movies:
1. Wrath of Kahn (II)
2. Voyage Home (IV)
3. First Contact
4. Undiscovered Country (VI)
5. Generations
6. Star Trek
7. Search for Spock (III)
8. Final Frontier (V)
9. Insurrection
10. Nemesis
11. The Motion Picture