Good morning – here’s what I’ve Ben thinking about today:

1. No one’s pregnant forever
2. The power of color.
3. Could you go one year without the Internet?
4. The most racist TV ad ever?
5. Want to live longer? Go to sleep.

1. No one’s pregnant forever. I read this blog from a creative director at an ad agency in San Francisco talking about the impact pregnancy and eventually motherhood has on an agency career. It’s very well done and she raises great points about the perception of a mom-to-be…or new mom…or mom at all. She also raises great points about what moms should expect from an agency – and what’s fair to expect.When I read pieces like this it makes me proud to work at AKHIA. Our president founded the company on a belief that you are a parent, a spouse first – and when you’re happy in that part of your life you will be an even happier employee. Over the past two years we’ve had as many as five pregnant women at one time. Right now we have four. We have five weddings this year, 10 over the past two. Personally, when it comes to “accommodating” these busy schedules, I don’t think it’s a behavior or a shift in thinking – it’s just a belief that people work for you. People, who will get sick. Get married. Need personal health days. Have kids. Have sick kids. Have sick family members. So, to answer the creative director’s question – does the agency have a responsibility to make accommodations? No, they don’t – they should already have that built into their culture.

2. Every wonder why facebook’s logo is blue? Turns out Mark Zuckerberg is red green color blind and he can see blue easy. Sorry. That’s it. I wish it was something deeper. But I’m glad that teaser got me to read further because otherwise I would’ve never found this amazing read on the impact of color on purchasing behavior or this color emotion guide.

I always knew the power color played in how we process information and make quick decisions, but this article does a great job of showing just how powerful color really can be.

3. Could you go one year without the Internet? It might not be as easy as you think. Paul Miller, a columnist for The Verge, took that challenge at the request of his editor. His take on how he spent his year isn’t exactly what you would think. For me, I can’t even imagine it because my job wouldn’t allow it. But if forced to do it the thought of being unplugged for a year is very scary. A couple of days? A week? Peaceful and probably healthy. A month? A year? Gives me a very nervous feeling. And that’s a little depressing, quite honestly. I’d like to think that I would enjoy it and be able to do it. But are we at that point in our evolution where we can’t live without it?

Miller’s take, at first, is what you would expect – he was free. He read books. Visited people. Lost weight. Wrote half a novel. But as time went on he discovered that even virtual relationships, i.e., Facebook, are relationships. And without them you risk being depressed. That connection, both literally and figuratively, is critical to our daily happiness. Miller references a few opinions of others who claim the Interest is shaping the way we think and interact. I would disagree – I think it already has.

4. Is this the most racist ad in history? A police line-up featuring four black males and a goat? Yes, yes it just might be the most racist ad in history. Boyce Watkins, a Syracuse professor and outspoken social critic, claims that it is. The ad, one in a series of spots for Mountain Dew, created by Tyler the Creator, has since been pulled by PepsiCo. I’m not really sure what Mountain Dew was trying to pull off besides grabbing the attention of the younger male demographic. There really is nothing funny about this nor does it speak to the brand that’s been established. Attention PepsiCo, I know you’re trying to ‘ship the bed’ but I think this ad might have you up ship creek.

5. Want to live longer? It all comes down to sleep. So I’m screwed. According to this quick read on Fast Company, the happiest, most productive people are those who get between 6.5 – 7.5 hours of sleep. You should also look to get a nap when you ‘hit’ the wall. For example, if you feel your battery draining at 3 p.m., take a nap at 3 p.m. For me, someone who averages 5 – 5.5 hours, this article is terrifying. And the article Fast Company links to for a deeper look, this piece on Buffer, is even scarier. They show pictures of your brain when it’s deprived of sleep. I would write more but I’m getting tired.