What I’m thinking about today:

1. Google yourself.
2. Yahoo promises not to mess up Tumblr
3. Brave’s Merida’ narrowly avoids a makeover (she looked too real!)
4. DVDs that smell like pizza!
5. Hope for more ‘Breaking Bad’? A spin-off might be in the works.

1. Go ahead…Google yourself. No one’s watching. This is why I Google myself once a month. Now, I know I’m cool and all but people wanting to be me? Come on now. Seriously, what is the purpose of imitating my account to tweet mundane things? Why not just start your own account @BenBrugler7 https://twitter.com/BenBrugler7? Do you know what to do if this happens to you? Amanda Kleinhenz https://twitter.com/amandakleinhenz shared this with me right away, which is the central site for reporting any abuse. What was interesting is twitter took my request and then sent me a confirmation that I have to…FAX back. FAX? Seriously? You’re twitter! You are a microblog. You use 140 characters. You’re changing the way we communicate…and you want me to go all 1996 on you and fax this? Come on twitter. I’m very disappointed.

2. Yahoo promises to not mess up Tumblr. Loved this article in Advertising Age outlining the three things Yahoo can do to avoid ‘screwing up Tumblr’. The first thing I thought of when I saw this was how Yahoo would absorb a platform that basically embraced NC-17 rated behavior and content. Let’s face it, take a wrong turn on Tumblr and you can end up in a dark place. I actually looked up Tumblr’s terms of service because it made me nervous to recommend it to clients. And while I agree with the article’s take on the three things I think Yahoo/Tumblr has a much bigger challenge ahead if they’re going to be taken seriously by brands. But, the question is, do they want to be? I can tell you that while Tumblr may not have cared about it Yahoo didn’t spend $1B to keep things status quo. How do you think things will look for both brands in the next year? Three?

3. Disney decides not to sex up Brave’s Merida. I had no idea Disney was attempting to convert Merida to a more traditional looking princess now that Pixar’s characters were part of Disney. (The plans included slimming her down and making her more ‘mature’.) Nor did I have any idea that there was a big hub-bub about it on the Internet and over 200,000 people signed a petition to leave the character in her original form.

And you know what else I didn’t know? That ‘Sofia the First’ was supposed to be Latin-American until Disney reversed the decision. Thanks to all this I now know that Disney doesn’t really do anything to prevent stereotypes, and, in fact, uses them to market their characters and shows.As I mentioned, I didn’t know that there was an online petition but had I known, I would’ve signed it. It’s ridiculous to think that every princess has to fit a certain mold. I appreciate that Merida was more ‘real’ than other Disney characters. She is by far my girls’ favorite character – I have to think it’s because they can relate to her as a more accurate version of how they see themselves, v. a Barbie version. It’s bad enough that Ariel is all hussied up.

4. DVDs that smell like pizza…make you want to order pizza. Yesterday we talked about a billboard that turned air into potable water for a deprived region of the world. Today we’re talking about a DVD that smells like a pizza. The power of marketing knows no end!

Check this out – Domino’s Brazil is partnering with local video rental stores to treat some new release DVDs as a media buy. According to Advertising Age: the DVDs were stamped with thermal ink and flavored varnish, both sensitive to the heat. While people were watching the movie, the heat of the DVD player affected the disc. When the movie ended and they ejected the disc, they smelled pizza. They also saw pizza: the discs were printed to look like mini pies, and carried the message: “Did you enjoy the movie? The next one will be even better with a hot and delicious Domino’s Pizza.”

We hear a lot of great things about the cool things that we can do in the digital age but this is a nice reminder that innovation can still take many forms.

5. Finally, Breaking Bad may not be over after this season… For those of you going through withdrawal already, a tiny piece of ‘Breaking Bad’ may live on once the show wraps after its final season this summer. Vince Gilligan, the show’s creator, is toying with the idea of a spin-off featuring Saul (Bob Odenkirk), who’s been one of our favorite characters since he burst onto the scene in season two.

I never imagined a show like ‘Breaking Bad’ would have a spin-off and I don’t know how I feel about one being a vehicle for Saul. I’m a big fan of Saul but there’s a reason Kramer didn’t get a spin-off – you can’t base a whole show around a one-dimensional character. Hell, I’m not sure anyone on ‘Breaking Bad’ could carry a spin-off – which is what makes it so great. All of the characters are there for the sole purpose of accompanying Walter along his journey of breaking bad. Same reason you couldn’t spin-off any of ‘The Sopranos’ characters.