What I’m thinking about this morning:

1. Ke$ha drinks her pee.
2. Yahoo’s moving and shaking.
3. Sergio isn’t a racist – just irresponsible
4. Give peace a chance, drink a Coke

1. Ke$ha has a show? I was surprised to learn that MTV gave Ke$ha a show – is she that relevant? I was even more surprised to learn that she drank her own urine on one episode. I mean, you can understand my surprise that someone as classy as Ke$ha would do something so disgusting just for attention. Seems a little out of character. Well, she may have gone too far with it as she landed herself on the Parents Television Council “list”.

I don’t know what that actually means – a time out? A stern talking to? No dessert? No DS? Of course Ke$ha did this for the attention and she got it. In fact, she used it to have a good laugh with her twitter followers (3M plus people voluntarily want to know what she has to say.)

Ok, so I lied. I knew Ke$ha had a show. My wife had MTV on for Teen Mom, which is another terrible show, and this started after. Now, I pride myself on staying current and ignoring the fact that I’m not in my 20’s anymore. But nothing will turn you into your parents faster than Ke$ha’s show. The language, the subject matter – I was pretty surprised, even for an MTV show. It’s one thing to embrace your talent and not sell out it’s another to have little talent and act like a complete ass. Ke$ha is only a few years away from Celebrity Rehab.

2. Yahoo keeps shaking things up. Man, Yahoo has been in the news a lot in the last six months. First comes Marissa Mayer bans working from home. Then it kills off several mediocre programs. Then it buys Tumblr. And now it’s overhauling Flickr. Here’s what you need to know, according to ReadWriteWeb

  1. More storage. Every user now has one terabyte of space.
  2. Grid layout. Fickr is borrowing a page from Instagram, filling the pages with your images (original or favorites).

Obviously the grid layout is influencing page designs. And one can only assume that a photosharing service would be more visual in nature. I guess my question is how many platforms can we be on that are all starting to look the same? I mean, we all used to grocery shop at two or three stores. Now we shop at Walmart. We used to go to Best Buy, Borders and Radio Shack. Now we go to Amazon. When will the social channel become saturated? Probably not for a while so enjoy the new Flickr – and your other seven networks – until then.

3. Sergio Garcia isn’t a racist. And that’s not the point. Yesterday people were talking about Sergio Garcia’s fried chicken comment. How bad was it? Is he racist? Should he have said it? Well, in my opinion, the fact we have to defend it says a lot. Why do we need to defend it? Garcia said something stupid that he shouldn’t have. We’ll never know his intent but he said it. And it doesn’t deserve to be defended; it deserves to be dealt with. Whatever reactions Garcia’s sponsors have and actions they take, he brought it on himself. I guess for me I find it alarming that twice now peers (Fuzzy Zoeller in 97 – wow, we’ve come a long way in 16 years) have resorted to racial stereotypes to personally attack Woods. I don’t think Woods is losing any sleep over it but that’s what should really be explored in all of this. Why is saying it even an option in the first place? This is 2013, not 1963.

4. Can Coke broker peace between India and Pakistan? No. But they can change the way they think about each other, even if for a few minutes. Coke is attempting to do just that with its latest interactive vending machine. According to DigiDay, this latest program features two machines, one in India and one in Pakistan. The special high-tech machines were equipped with webcams that allowed participants to see each other and interact with each other with actions like joining hands, drawing hearts and peace signs and sending over a Coke.

I think this is a great example of a company developing programs that are in-line with its brand identity and corporate beliefs. And it’s the latest example on a growing list of how marketing is taking a larger role in social responsibility. As I said on Monday, with the water-producing billboard – why shouldn’t marketing play a role in developing programs and ideas that inspire change in thinking? We’re communicators at heart – let us do our thing.

And besides, if a movie can end the cold war, who knows what an interactive vending machine can do?