What I’m thinking about today:

1. What would you do with 5 million Legos?
2. Is Facebook dying?
3. How many of the year’s top video virals have you seen?
4. Can your kids send a letter?
5. Do your friends’ online persona match their real life persona? You’re not alone.

1. Just happen to have 5 million Legos laying around? A life size X-Wing fighter – this is so awesome! I want to go to New York City right now and see this sucker. And to think it only took 5 million Legos and four months…admit it, right now you’re thinking ‘if only I had thought of this…my friends and I could’ve built it in our backyard!’ Ok, so maybe I’m the only one thinking it. But my friends could’ve pulled it off!Read all the details over at Gizmodo – and see a lot more pictures. (Scroll all the way down for a Lego Yoda bonus!) You won’t be disappointed.

2. Facebook is dying… Well, not quite. But, people are actually starting to tire of it. In Britain there was a nine percent decrease in usage from April 2012 to April 2013, according to YouGov. The reason? People don’t like all of the social promotions. The second reason? People are concerned about third parties obtaining their personal information.

But the Brits aren’t the only ones – in the U.S. a survey by Pew shows that teens are becoming less enamored with Facebook due to the drama, over-sharing and, oh, yea, their parents (70% of teens are friends with their parents). So what’s going to happen when Facebook and other social channels go the way of email? Think of how much people complain about all their email…are we close to that in social, specifically Facebook? We are people. We get sick of things. Remember how much fun Angry Birds was? Yea, we’re going to get sick of Facebook sooner or later, and then it will be on to the next thing. If you know what that is, give me a call.

3. A great year for viral, so far. Have you seen the 10 most popular viral videos of the year? Or have you seen them all and just want to watch the Kmart Ship my Pants one again? Either way, check out this link to AdWeek to see all 10.

Let me know which ones you liked and if you think there’s one that people should check out.For me, I still think ‘This is Water‘ is the best of the year…or best ever. http

I would also watch anything Terry Crews is in.

4. I believe the children are the future…but they worry me. Check this out over at Read Write Web.  An article detailing the author’s painful process of teaching his son how to send a letter. You’ll see how he covers everything from putting the mailing address at the top of the envelope, the stamp on the left side, sideways, and not believing there is a such thing as a return address.But really, should we be surprised? Mailing a letter? What about using a rotary phone? What about commercials? Going into a bank? Writing a check? How about a CD? I understand that some of these things are no longer relevant but how do we ensure that the basic functions of society aren’t forgotten or worse yet, die? Do we roll them into a required high school freshman class? Maybe a class that seniors have to take before they can graduate? What do you think – and what are you worried might get lost from one generation to the next?

5. Online friends v. real-life friends. Saw this on Mashable yesterday and had to share. It talks about why some friends are one way in ‘real’ life but another online. It’s only three minutes and pretty funny. My favorite – compragging. #soannoying. Personally I don’t think it’s all that foreign of a concept – some people can express themselves better in written word than in a group of people. Before Facebook people were doing it in letters. It’s just that Facebook makes it that much easier for people to do…and do a lot.