1. Sometimes there are stories you have to look for… and then there are those that just were made for this blog. As you know I have a three-year-old that is the world’s biggest drama queen. While it’s very endearing it’s also very exhausting. Leia likes to cry about everything, including having to go to the bathroom, not getting to look at pictures on my phone, not getting to throw a ball off the window, not being allowed to kick the wall, not being allowed to dump water out of the tub and occasionally because she is actually hurt.

So you can imagine my reaction when I found this tumblr called ‘why my son is crying‘ – parents from all over sending in stories/pictures that are similar to mine! I’m not alone! Check it out and be ready to laugh!

2. In news that will make Ron Swanson happy… McDonalds revealed some shocking news yesterday – they are having a hard time selling their salads. Salads make up 2 – 3 percent of McDonalds total sales and aren’t performing as well as they had hoped. So, they are going to push veggies another way – feature their chicken sandwiches and hamburgers more because they include lettuce and tomatoes. Hey, a facts a fact I guess.

Is anyone surprised by this? I can appreciate what fast food chains are trying to do, especially with two kids under the age of 10. But you also can’t ignore your audience and with minimal field research, the majority of McDonalds customers aren’t going for the salads.

3. Yet more stats supporting the rapid revolution of retail…and how retailers may not be ready for it. The biggest driver in all of this continues to be mobile, specifically how it is a direct social channel that allows consumers to interact with retailers and research purchases in-store. The problem is retailers aren’t responding to those interactions (according to Exact Target it’s seven hours on average) or how to leverage the way consumers use what they find (only half of retailers collect social data from third party providers).

Does anyone else believe the true revolution in retail has yet to happen? Looking at these stats and more, posted on DigiDay yesterday, we haven’t even begun to see the power social channels create for retailers. And, it may not be in a traditional format when they actually do. Pinterest has yet to tip but when it does (I.e., you can purchase directly) I think we’ll see a significant change in retail marketing and buyer behavior. Stay tuned.

4. General Hospital, what are you doing? It wasn’t too long ago I was talking about how General Hospital was, with its new / old story lines featuring classic characters. But now…now? Oh man, what the hell are they doing? The sent away the best parts of what was making it good (the One Life To Live characters, Todd Manning, John McBain and Star) and brought them back in terrible roles, including this terrible, terrible Franco re-hash. Throw in this awful new Lulu, a whiny Rafe, a new Morgan and on top of it all, this ridiculous relish story (Pickle Lila v. Pickle Eddie on The Chew was very hard to watch.) and you have a pretty bad show. The best part of this is that The Soup has some great material. Get it together GH.