What I’ve Ben thinking about this morning:

1. Miracles do happen. This one in the form of a day off.
2. McDonalds v. Starbucks
3. Your iPhone is obsolete (so better buy the new one)
4. Tribe Time!
5. May the Fourth be with you, always

1. Miracles do happen. It truly was an amazing moment when the news hit that Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus were found. Alive. And it will be covered much better than I ever could. But…I’d be remiss if I didn’t take a minute, before the day starts, and really take stock of the moment. When I see Charles Ramsey’s interview, the gentleman who had one of the most serendipitous days off ever, the first thing I think of is while we all want to believe we would stop and investigate the screams and shouts, I don’t know if everyone would. It takes courage to do the right thing and Ramsey didn’t even hesitate. (The second thing I’m thinking is oh man, ain’t nobody got time for it, but can someone please give this a Sweet Brown / auto-tune treatment.)

2. McDonalds takes on Starbucks. Did you notice that your McDonalds is starting to look a little more like a café? McDonalds is attempting to take on Starbucks, hitting them where it hurts (price) and trying to look a more grown-up.

Problem is, it’s hard to look a little more grown up when you have a Happy Meal on your menu and a playground in your dining room. But let’s pretend that everything is equal – where does McDonalds really rank in your book? For me, I’m not a huge fan of Starbucks coffee. I understand why people like it but that taste isn’t for me. I love the taste of coffee and want to actually be able to…taste it? Weird though because although I think it’s on the weaker side, I like McDonalds a lot. Is it my number one? Probably not – I think I’d give that to Dunkin Donuts. McDonalds is probably after that. Rounding out my top five: Caribou, Tim Hortons, Seattle’s Best. Try not to think any less of me.

3. Your iPhone is obsolete. Well, the original iPhone will be. Apple will discontinue it next month on the heels of launching its 7th generation software. I’ve heard a lot rumors around the next iPhone, including it being larger and maybe even a flip version. I think it’s interesting that we’re going to larger phones; I wonder if that trend will ever reverse itself and find us using small Zoolander phones. Or better yet, will phones in general be replaced by other devices, like Google Glasses? Or maybe a watch? Or holograms? Maybe a big video screen like in Back to the Future II?

Speaking of which, did you ever notice Hollywood’s obsession with trying to predict how we’d use phones ‘in the future’? From Dick Tracy to Bladerunner to The Fifth Element. But you know who I think gets it right? The Stars, as in Star Wars and Star Trek. Star Wars has the little microphones (ex.: C3-P0 while trapped on the Death Star in Episode IV; Lando alerting Cloud City to the Empire’s presence in Episode V). Star Trek goes to the ‘hailing frequency’. How cool would it be in the future to actually say open a hailing frequency? And when your smart car or smart house connects you, you could say ‘on screen’. Damn, I want this right now. When will the future get here???

4. How about those Indians? Our Tribe is 15-14 and reminding us how much fun it is to root for a team that can score some runs. Hey, even ESPN who normally hates all things Cleveland is taking notice – check out that big jump in the Power Rankings!

The fact is, my expectations for this team is .500. But more importantly, I’m expecting them to play better fundamentally thanks to Francona. And we’ve seen that. We’ve also seen how Francona has gotten more out of some surprising players, especially Mike Aviles and Ryan Rayburn. I think this team is going to treat us to a fun season and a lot of (A.L. home run leader) Mark Reynolds. Go Tribe.

On a side note, I love that the rankings’ number two and three teams (Rangers, at 20-12; Cardinals, at 20-11) are there despite losing their best player the last two years (St. Louis lost Pujols after the 2011 season and Texas lost Hamilton after the 2012 season) to the Anaheim Angels, who are 8.5 games out of first place. That’s why a system and a culture is so important to sports teams (and corporations). It’s why the Steelers are the Steelers and the Browns are…well, you know.

5. May the Fourth be with you…always.

You know, they say some of the best work ends up on the cutting room floor. And boy is that true with a cool thing our creative team did to celebrate May the Fourth be with You, the Star Wars holiday on May 4th…which was unfortunately on a weekend! We have some Star Wars freaks here (present company included) and it would’ve been fun to be part of the celebration. At the very least I can share them with you – see what you think!