What I’ve Ben thinking about this morning….

1. I asked for auto tune. I got auto tune.
2. The NRA goes pink.
3. What happens when teens leave Facebook?
4. Now you can literally ‘see’ what videos are trending on YouTube.
5. It’s all about living on the Edge…Rank.

1. Ask and ye shall receive. One day ago I asked for Charles Ramsey’s now famous interview detailing his rescue of Amanda Berry to be autotuned. Thankfully I didn’t have to wait long…in case you haven’t seen it yet, here is ‘Dead Giveaway’

(Note: This isn’t on the same level as Sweet Brown, Bedroom Intruder or Kai the Hitchhicker, but as my wife says, it will grow on you.)

2. NRA goes pink. No, not for breast cancer. They are having a major problem appealing to women. So what do they do to try and attract more women? They dial up a few stereotypes, watch a few episodes of ‘Sex and the City’ and….launch a website with an “Armed & Fabulous,” section. Promote more ‘female-specific’ products including a conceal and carry purse and pink rifles. Easy fix, right? Women will be lining up to buy guns now!

Yes, the NRA went there. Because we all know, the easiest way to make women want to buy your product is to make it pink. Maybe they can also show mom’s having fun with kids, shooting rifles in the backyard as a family. Oh, that’s right, Cricket already did that (and they already introduced the pink rifle!) Seriously, you have to watch their commercial

Reading this it’s easy to see why there is a gap – and will continue to be one. I can’t help but think the NRA is ignoring the audience it’s hoping to reach with stuff like this.

3. This isn’t your father’s facebook. Nope. It’s yours. Yea, you’re the old one. Don’t believe me? Check out this article that throws some pretty hard stats at us over 30, specifically 35 (we are the biggest demographic, repping 65% of Facebook to be exact). The article asks the question ‘is Facebook destined to become the social channel for the over 30 crowd?’I don’t know the answer to that but I do know I’ve been talking a lot to people about how they’re looking at social in general. We should look at it as a publisher – and not everything published is for everybody. The fact that I don’t read Men’s Fitness doesn’t mean it isn’t published or doesn’t exist. But I do read other magazines. And now I think we’re seeing this applied to social. Teens are going to read different publications than their parents. And as the over 30 demographic grows…and as more parents join Facebook…the content is destined to be less appealing to the younger demographics because, well, they just don’t care. Last I checked, I didn’t see a bunch of teens walking around checking the WSJ for the latest in celebrity gossip news. They’re going to go somewhere else for it. Does it mean the death of facebook? No. It just means it’s not as cool.

4. Now you can literally ‘see’ what videos are trending on YouTube. Google rolled out this new tool that shows what YouTube videos are trending across the country – you can literally see them (yea visual content!) by demographic as well, thanks to the filter option.

5. Feed your newsfeed. Ever wonder why certain posts pop up in your newfeed v. others? And how you can control where YOU show up in the feed? Here’s a great (great) infographic from Post Rocket, (source: Mashable) walking you through the answer – EdgeRank.

And when you consider the numbers they’re highlighting (2.8B minutes a day looking at the newsfeed – which represents 27% of total time daily; people spend more time reading facebook than they do watching the six major news networks), you’ll want to know your way around EdgeRank and how to get the most of it.

I love the six tips they offer at the end – and not only because I agree wholeheartedly with them but because I’ve done most of what they’re recommending. And I’ve seen a direct impact.