I’ve Ben thinking about, this morning…

1. Is is Ms. Knowles? Mrs. Carter? Or do you just prefer hypocrite?
2. Mountain Dew apologizes(?) for ‘the most racist ad ever’.
3. What are bitcoins?
4. Live long, prosper and buy an Audi.
5. What gender is your book cover?

1. All this time I thought Pepsi was ‘junk food’. Thanks Ms. Knowles! Or is Mrs. Carter? From the ‘you are a freaking hypocrite’ files, Beyonce has banned junk food from her dressing room…while on tour. A tour sponsored by…Pepsi. Who signed her to a $50M contract last year. Seriously? I mean, I’m not naïve. I know Peyton Manning probably doesn’t pound Oreos. And I’m pretty sure Shaq doesn’t drive a Buick. And no, I don’t think Jay-Z knocks down some Budweisers after a long day. But I’d have to think that Pepsi isn’t that pleased that Beyonce is making such a big deal about her pre-show rituals and dressing room demands. (Which includes red toilet paper…did you even know you could buy red toilet paper??? Am I missing something? Do people buy this for special occasions? Is it like putting out the silver? Or fine china? ‘Honey, don’t forget to put the red toilet paper out…the Andersons are coming over tonight!!’)

Any way, I digress. Apparently my attention span isn’t immune to colored toilet paper. So, back to Mrs. Carter and her non-Pepsi Pepsi-sponsored tour. I blogged about this before and what we feel celebrities responsibilities to ‘truth in advertising’ should be. Should we expect our endorsers to actually use the product before they can endorse it? When was the last time Beyonce had a Pepsi? Could we have her drink one for charity or something? Unbelievable.

Ok, seriously, you can buy red toilet paper. Here’s the link. What color would you buy? The orange seems cool but I think I’d have to go with black.

2. Speaking of Pepsi… Remember last week when we talked about the most racist commercial ever? That honor belongs to Mountain Dew, care of Pepsi. Well, the company made a heartfelt apology for the ad and pulled the spot. And by apology I mean promoted tweet. And by heartfelt I mean ‘Hey guys, we made a big mistake and have pulled the video from all of our channels…#fail’.

What’s more offensive – the video, the method or the actual apology? And does ‘uh, sorry’ even count as an apology? I would make a joke about their intern writing this but I think it would be offensive to interns. This would be the point where the teacher crinkles up your paper, throws it away and sends you back to your desk to try again. What do you think? Apology or no apology?

3. Have you heard of Bitcoins? Me neither. But apparently they are on their way to becoming legit as the government has taken an interest in regulating it. The fact that you can trade on it and use it as ‘programmable’ currency puts it square in the government’s sights. They are treating it as a real currency.  I didn’t know you could create your own currency? I would’ve rolled out Republic Credits a long time ago. Or at the very least Mario coins. My kids would love that.The Flinstones were on to this years ago with their ‘clams’. Really, this clip is kind of how I see bitcoins being explained.

4. Live long. And Prosper. And drive an Audi. Did you see the Spocks Audi commercial with Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy? First of all, the spot is hilarious. Nimoy kills it with the Bilbo Baggins song and Star Trek II spoof. But the two Spocks make that car look so cool I might stop driving a VW. If I could afford the Audi.

Seriously, I think this commercial is on to something. Who wouldn’t watch a YouTube series dedicated to the two Spocks? I mean, the title writes itself. It could be positioned as a reality but would be tied to something Trekkies could get behind. I could see them going around the country meeting Star Trek fans. Or a Mister Rogers version where they spotlight something cool going on in the world of science and technology…all the while capturing awesome interactions between the Spocks. Hulu, I just wrote your next original series. Feel free to pay me in bitcoins.

5. What gender is your book cover? I’ve been reading and learning a lot about the impact words and images play in gender roles. This article on how you do truly judge a book by its cover, literally, is very interesting, especially when the author, Maureen Johnson, used twitter to ask people to reverse the gender of popular book covers. She received a lot of feedback and posted 24 of them here.  You definitely need to check them out!