1. Kids are eating too much sugar, thanks to Spongebob.
2. 1/3 of Americans own smart tablets.
3. The Wright Brothers claim is in jeopardy.
4. 3D printing going mainstream?

1. Give me some sugar. Did you see that some senators are asking Nick Jr. to stop airing so many junk food ads? They are saying that this is a major reason why kids are overweight. According to a study, Nick Jr. advertises 25% of the food ads seen by kids under 12 with seven out of 10 ads for junk food, such as Chuck E Cheese and Cocoa Pops.

They claim the biggest issue is that the kids see it and then ask their parents for it. And…that’s where this discussion should stop, right? I remember growing up watching ads for Fruity Pebbles and Trix, Big League Chew,  Kool-Aid and Hostess Pies (remember those, with the characters on the wrapper?)…and begging my mom to buy it for me. But she didn’t. No matter what I did she wouldn’t buy it. Oh, and she didn’t buy pop for us until we were like, 17. Now, kids get what they want in stores and are drinking pop out of sippy cups. Why are the senators writing a letter to Nick Jr.? How is it their fault that parents buy this stuff for their kids? And if they are buying it why shouldn’t companies advertise it? It’s called capitalism.

I’m tired of the great mystery around childhood obesity – kids are playing video games, phones, tablets more than ever, watching more shows on DVD, Netflix, YouTube, etc. than ever and apparently are getting any kind of food at the store that they want. This isn’t that hard of a mystery, right? And until parents put their foot down and monitor the game habits, sugar intake and tantrums at the stores, we won’t solve this, no matter how much government intervention.

2. One-third of Americans now own babysitters, I mean smart tablets. Yea, I’m guilty as charged. One-third of Americans own tablets (up 3% from 2010—jeepers). The biggest reason why? Suburban parents, ages 35 – 44, who own 49% of the total tablets. That’s a lot of tablets. And that’s a lot of kids apps. It’s true, right? There are a lot of ways to a keep your kid occupied on those things, no? From YouTube to books to Angry Bird, kids have a lot of options. Personally I justify it by making sure the girls are playing an ‘educational’ game but I always end up hearing Candy Crush or Doodlejump shortly after.

I’ve been trying to balance it with no games until we read a book first. The result? We’re reading a lot of books.

3. First The Decision, now this. Ohio has had a rough go of it lately. Our sports teams haven’t been doing so well. The Tribe has lost eight in a row. The weather has been up and down. We are still hung over from The Decision. And now this – Connecticut is trying to say the Wright Brothers weren’t “First in Flight”.

They have passed a flight of fancy bill saying that Gustave Whitehead, was the first to fly back in 1901 in Connecticut—not the Ohio-based Wright Brothers in 1903. What’s the deal? Can’t people just let us have this? What did Ohio ever do to you Connecticut?

4. Amazon goes 3-D (printing). We’ve talked about 3-D printing here before but it has yet to really catch-on in the mainstream (despite printing guns and food). However, that might change now that Amazon has announced plans to feature a 3D printing selection.

In this section you can purchase the printer, books, filament, etc. (I wonder if you can print books?) Do you think this will be the boost the 3D market needs?  If I was a 3D printer manufacturer, I would do everything I could to educate the public and own that aspect of rolling this out. I think so many people still don’t really get this idea of printing a tangible good. Once the public has a better understanding of what it is and how it can be used, it could take off. It surprises me how little education there has actually been on the subject, specifically a ‘consumerization’ of a brand. Maybe Amazon can bring this to the technology in general and elevate awareness for 3D printing in general. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before we’re getting free shipping and it’s on everyone’s Christmas list.