1. Buy more Jell-O. This week’s ‘just because you can doesn’t mean you should’ is brought to us by Jell-O. There’s nothing that I can say that this review on AdWeek doesn’t already but the gist is Jell-O introduced Jigglevision, where you can send write a message on their Facebook app, then send it to the recipient, inviting them to go view it through a Jell-O snack lid.


Did you get all that? Doesn’t that sound like a lot of work for not a lot of payoff? I would think that any friend I sent this to wouldn’t get the message…because they wouldn’t go through the trouble to try and read it. There’s always room for Jell-O…but not Jigglevision.

2. I’ve said it before…Skittles gets it. Check out this interactive ad from Skittles.

A kid breaks one of his grandma’s knick knacks to find out its full of Skittles. So then you get the chance to help him break more of them by clicking on what he breaks next. Not all of them have Skittles – some have funny stuff, some have gross stuff. All of them are cool – Skittles continues to make their branding and advertising innovative and all about the consumer. The only complaint I have is you should be able to break the glass of water too.

3. Kmart does it again. No way to top Ship My Pants, of course – it’s one of my favorite ads of the year. However, Kmart isn’t trying to top it. They’re just trying to make another funny ad. And they’ve succeeded – check out their new Father’s Day ad called Butler in a Box, featuring the #KmartMonkey. Is it possible that Kmart has two cool spots in one year?

4. Speaking of cool Father’s Day ads – did you see this ad from Oreo as part of the Wonderfilled campaign?

It combines live action and animation as well as original song writing. It’s a traditional TV spot but shows that traditional doesn’t have to be traditional. The thinking and art direction / execution that went into this is amazing. Visually it’s terrific and is a great example of how you can live outside the brand without abandoning it.

5. Star Trek is blurring into our reality, again. (Dammit I wish this was about a real life holodeck.) Geordi LaForge would be proud. Researchers are working on a brain implant that could restore vision by stimulating the visual cortex, allowing the blind – with our without eyeballs – to see basic shapes.

This is an incredible concept. It reminds me in a way of the movie Limitless, with Bradley Cooper, about a drug that stimulates the brain and allows you to think bigger and deeper. Yes, it’s a movie, but what if we could tap into more of our brain? Isn’t that what this implant is doing, in a way? We only use 10 percent of our brain. That’s a crazy thought. Why? Are we only meant to use 10%? Are we holding ourselves back? Being held back? Incapable of using more in our current states? Maybe if we figured out how to use more of our brain we could build cool things like that holodeck.