What I’m thinking about today:

2.Death of the big budget movie?
3.Real Housewives of New Jersey
4.The Legend of Zelda gets the symphony treatment
5.Baseball+technology=cool moment

1. AKHIA is one of the top 100 places to work in Northeast Ohio.

I really try to refrain from any blatant AKHIA promotion in this blog but I can’t pass up the opportunity to brag a little. AKHIA is one of the top 100 places to work in Northeast Ohio, according to the Plain Dealer! I’m very proud to write that. AKHIA prides itself on the experience created for both employees and clients and has stuck to that principle from day one. Our values were formed on the first day we opened, with two employees and three clients. I can honestly say the culture and vision that Jan, our founder and president, established in the beginning still factor very prominently today.

The thing that gets me the most is the way people from very diverse backgrounds and beliefs embrace what we’re about here at AKHIA — and are always looking for ways to contribute and live it. I feel that’s a responsibility everyone shares, to make their community a better place. Ask, what can I do to make where I work, where I live, better. AKHIA has an office full of these people. But they don’t just make it a great place to work…we all make each other better as a result. It’s a recognition that means a lot because it’s a true reflection of something that everyone contributed to.

2. I can’t afford the popcorn! Did anyone see Superman over the weekend? Was it worth the cost of admission? Is any movie today, really? The ticket prices are out of control, no? Don’t believe me? Ask Steven Spielberg, who says not only are they too high but the cost of admission may bring down the movie industry in general. He and George Lucas were on a panel at the USC School of Cinematic Arts last week talking about how the cost of movies, big budget busts and the soaring cost of actors is really affecting how profitable a movie can be. Spielberg went on to talk about how this ‘imminent implosion’ could change the way we consume movies. For example, we’ll pay even more a ticket for a big budget film but less for smaller budget films. Other movies, like his own Lincoln, could go the way of TV airings, such as HBO.

I have to agree and have actually thought this for some time. I don’t know if we’ll ever be able to replace the effect of watching a great movie on a big screen with big sound (and a big bucket of popcorn) but I do know we won’t be able to afford it. Need proof? Look at professional sports. Look at how ticket prices and in-game experience has combined with better TV’s to change how we watch games—in the comfort of our living room. And is it really a stretch to think that film will remain untouched while other media forms – music, TV, for example – have significantly changed? Maybe movie theaters in general will change, to be more socially optimized (pay for a group viewing, in a smaller theater, where you can watch and tweet with your friends) or family friendly (non-traditional seating and screens?). Maybe production studios will begin building their own theaters, screening only their films?

I think the movie industry has a challenge ahead of it. And it’s about five years too late in addressing it.

3. Real or not, Jersey Housewives is where it’s at. Are we all caught up with ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’? Is this season going to be crazy or what? It appears to be (and so far is) packed with action, including some major fights and one big team building trip. Judging by what we’ve seen so far this year, I fear it’s going to be rough go for Melissa. The script is obviously calling for her to pull a Hulk Hogan and be a bad guy – she already seems a lot less likable. However, Teresa, on the other side, isn’t any better. She has been downright nasty with some of the stuff she’s said and gross on top of it. When Juicy Joe is starting to look like the normal one…uh, that’s not good.

Speaking of normal, what’s the deal with Richie acting this way? He’s giving Kathy a hard time with everything. He needs to back it off. These producers should put in a little more time building his character toward the annoying, unsupportive husband that thinks everything is a joke (a role being played by Terry Dubrow in Real Housewives of Orange County). The one good thing about Kathy’s storyline? More Rosie!

Jaclyn is still one of my favorite Housewives, period, of all the shows, and how can you not like her this year? Her work and commitment to her autistic son is admirable and as fake as I think a lot of this is, I don’t think that is. I really only have one complaint so far this year – more Albie, Chris and Greg! What do you say, so far?

4. Now that’s what I call cosplay! So I’m learning more and more about cosplay. I feel like my geeky, nerdy roots requires me to get caught up on this. And boy did I find a doozy. Check out how Nintendo celebrated releasing Zelda on the 3DS: with a 66 piece symphony.

From ReadWriteWeb: The Skywalker Symphony Orchestra was the performing group on stage that night (at Davies Symphony Hall), the conductor wielded a Wind Waker baton, and the auditorium was full of fans dressed in cosplay. It felt less like going to a classical performance and more like a mini, Zelda-exclusive Comic-Con.

Now, if we could only get a Super Mario Bros performance!

5. Another reason why I love baseball. The Yankees and A’s did something cool for a kid with aplastic anemia — a condition in which the bone marrow doesn’t make enough new blood — enabling him to throw out the first pitch in Oakland, from Missouri, five states away.

13-year-old Nick LeGrande, a huge baseball fan, thought he was going to a surprise birthday party for his grandma, but instead went to Google Fibers headquarters where he walked onto a specially constructed field and proceeded to throw out the first pitch in Kansas City, which was then mirrored by a robot in Oakland.

This is just another reason why I love baseball. No matter what form, what obstacle, what opportunity, baseball, and sports in general, really, have the unique power to make dreams come true.