What I’m thinking about today:

1.Top five super heroes
2.What’s the secret, facebook?
3.Radio Shack’s ad makes me feel old

1. Batman v. Superman. I was standing in line at Subway yesterday and heard these people behind me arguing who is better – Superman or Batman? I love and hate this argument at the same time. To argue who’s better implies that one is lesser than the other and the fact is they are both classic comic book super heroes. But, there can’t be two winners and I do love lists, so let’s do this. My top five super heroes:

  • Batman. Sorry, I guess I’m a sucker for the self-made super hero but for me, Batman is where it’s at. I think it’s because you have the balance of Bruce Wayne, his origins and how he created Batman. Throw in the suit, cool toys, the car and the backdrop of Gotham and Batman is my number one.
  • Superman. Just because I have Batman at number one doesn’t mean I don’t love Superman just as much. Superman is a different feel all together; you’re not able to really connect with his alter ego because in this case, the ‘real person’ is the alter. Also, given his immortality it’s harder to find a villain on the level of a Joker or Two Face that truly makes you think Superman can lose. Metropolis isn’t as cool as Gotham and Superman doesn’t have (need) toys. But the Fortress of Solitude definitely gives the Bat Cave a run for its money.
  • Spiderman. I know some people are thinking Iron Man should go here, but until the movies came along how many of you had Iron Man on your top five list? Spiderman is extremely underrated when it comes to cool super heroes. He might have more of the ‘real person’ storyline than even Bruce Wayne given his storyline is an equal balance of fighting bad guys while living check to check. This is our first Marvel entry and that universe has better villains because they’re not afraid to break the rules and just bring in literally anyone, anything to be a villain. For me, Spidey’s origins story – right up to hunting down Uncle Ben’s shooter in the abandoned barn – is part of what makes him so great.
  • Wolverine. Add metal alloy adamantium to someone’s skeleton and I think we have a winner. Logan, Weapon X…Wolverine…whatever you call him, you have maybe the only perfect blend of ‘real’ identity with the super hero identity. Wolverine, the person is as interesting as Wolverine the super hero…if you even want to call him a super hero. He’s basically the ultimate good samaritan. The metal alloy adamantum bad ass with the heart of gold. Plus, how cool is it when he shoots his claws out?
  • Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards. Oh, I know I’m going to piss off a lot of people here but I’ve been reading comic books a long time and from the beginning I’ve loved Mr. Fantastic. He’s the leader of the Fantastic Four, which I am a big fan of, and uses his brains to fight as much as his super powers. Plus I like when ordinary characters are given super powers. Trust me, when Hollywood gets its act together and remakes the Fantastic Four movies you will have a lot more interest and a greater appreciation for Mr. Fantastic.

2. Shhh…Facebook has something to say on Thursday. So what do you think Facebook is going to announce Thursday? There is heavy speculation that it will be video-related to combat the growing popularity of Vine. Maybe adding video capabilities to Instagram? Others think it will be tied to mobile since Facebook Home wasn’t received all that well. I wonder if it will have anything to do with commerce? I still think the future of Facebook lies in an ability to ‘buy’ things directly from brand pages. Is there a way to introduce a ‘buy’ button similar to a like? Can you get discounts by referring friends or helping the brand gain in publicity? I don’t think Facebook is ready for this given how poorly brands engage and the frequency with which they post now, but it’s not too soon to be thinking about it. In my opinion, that is definitely the next social race – who will sync up to the bank accounts first?

3. Man…I’m old now. I was watching the NBA Finals on Sunday night, on ABC. It was 9:15. My seven-year-old was sitting next to me, playing Candy Crush on my phone. Thank God. Because if she would’ve seen what was on the screen when the game went to commercial…oh my. Oh, what was on? This very suggestive ad from Radio Shack, for the Beats Pill, featuring Robin Thicke and the song Blurred Lines.

Now, I love Blurred Lines. The song is great. The video is great. But as a commercial. In primetime. Yikes. And don’t start yelling at me about the Super Bowl and its halftime show – I know what to expect there and can make the decision to send my kids to bed when Beyonce takes the stage. However, this is a little different. I kept thinking to myself…’man, how long is this going to be?’ And then I realized, I’m the old guy now. I’m the guy I used to hate. I guess this is the tipping point…when you become aware that everything your parents said and were annoyed about are now the very things you’re saying and annoyed about. It’s a little depressing. And Radio Shack? Put some clothes on!