What I’m thinking about today:

1.It will only take a minute…and it will absolutely make your day.
2.Another example of politicians behaving badly.
3.Is Facebook out of ideas?
4.Drones are watching us…only a little bit though.

1. If you want to see what pure astonishment looks like… look no further than this picture of three-year-old Grayson Clamp, who is hearing for the first time, as his father say ‘Daddy loves you.’ Thanks to a microchip doctors at the University of North Carolina implanted in his brain, Grayson, who was born deaf, is expected to gain full hearing and speaking skills.

You have to see it for yourself – this video is only a minute and forty five seconds long and will really will get you. Imagine your child not being able to hear your voice one day…and then the next hearing it for the first time. I give that dad a lot of credit. He held up much better than I would’ve in that moment. A good moment to start your Friday.

2. Maybe the Governator wasn’t so bad. Sorry to be covering politics for the second day in a row but damn if they aren’t giving me some ripe content. A day after I talked about how some are using DOMA as an excuse to attack women we hear from the Governor of Maine, Paul LaPage who is unhappy with democratic opponent, Sen. Troy Jackson. I quote (and I can’t make this stuff up)

[This guy] claims to be for the people, but he’s the first one to give it to the people without providing Vaseline.” He then added: “Dammit, that comment is not politically correct, but we got to understand who this man is. This man is a bad person. He doesn’t only have no brains. He has a black heart and so does the leadership upstairs.”

(When a reporter told him others might find the Vaseline remark offensive), LaPage replied “Good; it ought to because I’ve been taking it for two years.”

Wow. So, what did Jackson do? Uh, how about it doesn’t matter what he did?? This is an elected official who is supposed to be representing the people of his state. What in the heck is going on here? I know I’m naïve to expect our politicians to act with some class but can we at least go back to the days where they said this stuff in private? Or at least tried to? 

3. Facebook is out of ideas – but does that matter? So Facebook launched Video for Instagram yesterday, basically ripping off Vine (yea, I know – it’s up to 15 seconds and there are filters…ooooohhhh….). And on the heels of that announcement I heard from Ryan Collins and Amanda Kleinhenz, talking about this article from BuzzFeed asking ‘is Facebook out of ideas?’ The article itself is a good one. But it left me asking ‘does Facebook really need any more ideas?’ They are the big kids on the block. They can buy any ‘idea’ or innovation they want or need. And given their track record of failed rip-offs that preceded the purchase of the superior product, it might be better business.

In the example I gave Ryan and Amanda, we don’t go to Walmart because they have better stuff. We go because they have more stuff. And quite frankly Facebook has slowly grown into the Walmart of social media…in more ways than one.

So what do you think? Are you glad Facebook came out with this? And will you use it over Vine? Or is there place for both of them in your life?

4. I spy…a drone! Not that we needed another reason to go buy/read Orwell’s 1984, but the FBI announced that it has used drones for U.S. Surveillance. Wait…don’t worry. They’ve only done it a tiny bit. I feel better, don’t you?

So let’s recap – in the past two weeks we’ve learned that our government has (allegedly) engaged with Internet providers to keep an eye on us, online. And when we’re not online there are drones keeping watch over us. And this is just what we’re aware of.

It makes you wonder – what are they looking for? Is there something we should know?  Who knew the world would suddenly feel so small. How do you feel about all of this?