What I’m thinking about today:

1. Game of Thrones, LEGO style.
2. Project Loon. Balloons carrying Internet signals. Who knew?
3. Love twitter? Drink it then.
4. Caillou, my least favorite kids show.

1. Winter is coming. And it’s bringing LEGO with it. Check. Out. This. AWESOME video from Pure Imagination.  It’s the opening to ‘Game of Thrones’ (kind of) done with LEGOs

I can’t even imagine how difficult this was to pull off. It’s not like there’s some Game of Thrones LEGO kit with the castles laid out for you to make at home. BUT…there is a new LEGO set featuring some of the characters. It’s not an official LEGO set – it’s bastard LEGOs. “LEGO Snow, if you will.” (Witty line courtesy of Mashable’s Annie Colbert)

It’s $65 and you can read more about it here.

Season three ended only a few weeks ago and I’m going through withdrawal already…time to read book four I guess!

2. Project Loon: Project Loony? Or something that just might work? Those beautiful minds at Google are attempting to solve the world’s interconnectivity issues with a series of solar-powered balloons that float in the wind streams of the earth’s stratosphere, carrying wireless receivers that can provide internet to users back here in underdeveloped areas of the world.

Solar power? Internet? Weather patterns? This isn’t Google, is it? They’re a search engine company. They are. And they’re using that as their platform to bring the world a lot closer together. This is an incredible project to watch unfold. And it might just work. It launched this month in New Zealand. And Google is letting you keep an eye on it. Learn more here and register to find out what kind of progress they’re making.

3. I love twitter so much I want to drink it. Ok, so maybe it’s not attempting to provide Internet to underdeveloped areas of the world…but, twitter has inspired the next big thing. A good beer. A brown ale to be exact, made with New Zealand hops and aged on hazelnuts and oak chips. British beer company Brew Dog created #MashTag, literally and figuratively. It’s the name of the beer – but it’s also the name of the hash tag the company created to crowdsource the name, the label and the style. It’s 2013 and twitter has done many wonderful things, from powering a car, doubling as currency, finding lost children, tracking disease outbreaks…and now, inspiring beers. I think you can take the rest of the year off, twitter.

4. Caillou. It’s time we had a talk. So if you read this blog regularly you know from time to time I’ll critique kids shows. Some of my favorites include ‘Phineas and Ferb’, ‘Fish Hooks’, ‘Little Bear’ and ‘Jake and the Neverland Pirates'(yea, try getting that theme song out of your head). But today I’m going to talk about my least favorite. It’s been a long time coming but I just have to share my disdain for ‘Caillou’.

Once you get past the catchy theme song it’s all down hill. There are a lot of things not to like. And every parent I’ve talked to shares this dislike. I think it’s because Caillou sounds so much like our own kids – he pretty much whines through the whole show – that I can’t take it. He always has a problem with something. And God forbid his poor sister Rosie get any attention. He has a real problem with her.

In addition, there are just a bunch of little things that bug me about the show:

  • Why do the parents always dress like it’s 20 degrees outside? I know for a fact some of the shows take place in summer – why the sweater, Caillou’s dad?
  • Is it me or does Caillou find himself at a friend’s house or his grandparents a lot? Granted, it’s not as bad as Max and Ruby, where there is no adult supervision period, but I’d question why my parents are always dumping me off. We, as the viewers know why (no one likes him and they want to spend time with Rosie).
  • Back to the dad – I think it’s clear to see where Caillou gets the whining from. There was an episode where the dad was supposed to take Caillou to work…but he had a little cold. So they had to stay home. Well, no wonder Caillou is the way he is. He’s all stoked to go to work with dad and then ends up staying at home. I think he proceeded to take it out on Rosie.
  • Gilbert. Sometimes he’s a cartoon. Sometimes he’s a puppet. I’m confused.

Sorry; I just had to get that off my chest. My girls love it so we’ll tolerate it. But give me Charlie Brown, the other bald-headed kid, any day.

NOTE: I’ve Ben thinking and blogging on a regular basis for six months, next week. I can’t believe it. And I can’t believe how much readership of this blog has grown. I love talking and interacting with people on these topics, and I love that it allows me to tie every day things to marketing.

With the holiday I’ll be off next week. But don’t worry, I’ve enlisted three guest bloggers to fill in for me on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I hope you enjoy their perspective.

But that’s not until next week. Let’s finish out the week strong – there’s some fun stuff here. Enjoy, have a safe Fourth and I’ll see you bright and early on Monday, July 8!