What I’m thinking about this morning:

1. The Miami Cavaliers
2. There’s flexible…then there’s flexible
3. Share some happiness…share a Coke
4. My dream: a VW powered by tweets

1. Cleveland LeBron never looked like this. A lot of hype around LeBron’s post-game five comments where he said he ‘went back to his Cleveland days’ to pull out a 30 points, 8 rebonds, 6 assists night, including outscoring the Pacers in the third quarter, single-handedly 16-13.

What Cleveland days was he talking about? I religiously watched every game he played in a Cleveland uniform and while he did some amazing things while in it, I never saw him play with the aggressiveness and strength he has shown while in Miami. In fact, everything people wanted him to do more of (play on the post, develop a mid-range jumper, improve his defense, have the ball in his hands when the game was on the line, lead) he didn’t do until he went to Miami. If Mike Brown and the Cavs had THIS LeBron James they would’ve won at least one title.

Now, if LeBron is talking about going back to his Cleveland days where he took more shots than his teammates and didn’t trust them to carry any of the offensive load…I am familiar with that LeBron. But certainly he can’t mean that, right? He has Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh! Not Boobie Gibson and Drew Gooden. Yet he took that team to the Finals in 07. So if he does mean that…where the hell did the big three go? (And can we stop calling them that now? It might be the shortest run of a big three in the history of big threes.)

If you’re a Miami fan, whether he goes to his Miami days or his Cleveland days you have to like your chances because, well, he’s LeBron James. But regardless, I think there are a lot of far-reaching implications tied to this game seven.

2. Why I Heart AKHIA. Last week was a weird week for me. If you’re a parent, it was one of THOSE weeks where your kids schedules converge in a way that literally blows upany schedule you might have attempted to follow. My youngest had her pre-school visit (four years have never gone so fast); my oldest had her last day of school and her first sick day; we had two softball practices and two dance classes. And throughout all of it I kept thinking to myself, thank goodness I work at AKHIA, where the flexibility to manage these weeks isn’t only given, it’s encouraged. Now, I had a few late nights because a busy personal schedule doesn’t change the amount of work and responsibilities you have at work, but just having the opportunity to work that way was a relief. I know I say it a lot but I work at an awesome place.

3. You’ve heard of twist and shout? How about twist and share? Coca-Cola is really at the top of its game right now. Over the past few years I’ve enjoyed watching it set a social marketing strategy and get after it like no other. From viral campaigns,  dealing with world peace, to an innovative new website and social outreach program, the company continues to change the way people think about consumer products.

Now comes their latest innovation – a can you can share. What better way to ‘share happiness’ than to share a Coke? This new can is in two parts, allowing you to break it apart and give ‘half’ to someone.

Who would you share a Coke with? Almost makes you forget that one can of Coke is equal to 10 teaspoons of sugar.

4. Twitter as an alternative fuel? Students at MINDDRIVE are attempting to prove that tweets and other posts with the #MINDDRIVE hashtag can fuel a car from a Kansas City to Washington D.C. The vehicle, a 1967 VW Karmann Ghia is equipped with a battery that receives a charge when #MINDDRIVE is used in a post on Facebook and twitter.

This is another example of how the blending of marketing and social issues (in this case, fuel) are blending to raise awareness and change the way we think. You can see more about it at their website as well as track their journey in real time – for those of us in Ohio, they have stops in Akron and Youngstown planned…so jump in and be part of their journey!