What I’m thinking about this morning:

1. All you need to be a photojournalist is a phone
2. Can Batman get any cooler?
3. Like a Pepsi, get a Pepsi
4. Being a 111-year-old baseball fan has its advantages

1. You too can be a journalist. If you have a cell phone and have taken pictures, you might be qualified to report for the Chicago Sun Times. The paper has fired all of its photographers and will be teaching its reporters to take pictures with their cell phones. I think this is an unnecessary move and I don’t know if I really understand it. I might be biased but I believe photo journalists tell a story as effectively with pictures as you can with words. And what about the flip side? Even with training what’s to say a trained reporter is going to take pictures that are…really…any good? And what does it say about who actually owns the images? Apple? The reporter? The paper? Is this another hit for print news or the wave of the future? I guess Spiderman needs to look for work elsewhere.

2. Batman, reimagined as a 1970s pulp character. I don’t know if Batman can get any more badass but apparently he can. Francesco Francavilla , an award winning artist/illustrator, drew him as a 1970s grind house character. He went all out too – the Riddler in a fur coat; Commissioner Gordon looking..well, groovy…Catwoman looking foxy and the Batmobile looking the best it’s ever looked. I love this kind of creative thinking and can’t wait to see what he does next.

3. Pepsi wants you to rethink your currency. Yesterday we talked about social media as an alternative to fuel. What about using it as an alternative to currency? Pepsi is offering you the chance to do that with its new vending machine that accepts your ‘like’ (on your smartphone or logging in right at the screen on the machine).

Pepsi sampled this at a Beyonce concert (video here) and the cost and risk is so low they may offer the program a chance to expand. If there was ever something that showed you how much a company valued your (as the consumer) information it’s this. Brands are willing to build machines that allow you to use Facebook to pay for something in exchange for your ‘like’. What they can do with this information and the way they can market to you as a result is powerful stuff.

4. When 111 years old you reach, look as good you will not? This story amazes me. Bernando LaPallo shook hands with Babe Ruth…and Derek Jeter. Yea, he’s 111 years old, almost 112. Think about that – and look at it for yourself – this guys is almost 112 years old, met Babe Ruth 93 years ago and then Derek Jeter. As a baseball fan that just blows me away. The magnitude of something like that is just incredible. See it for yourself here in a great Vine posted on USA Today.