What I’m thinking about today:

1. Hating on Cheerios.
2. New meaning to ‘ice cold’ Coke.
3. Breaking Bad updates.
4. Amazing Spider Man 2 image a spoiler?

1. Man, people must really hate Cheerios! Cheerios ran a new ad that I just happened to catch for the first time tonight. It features a little girl asking her mom if it’s true Cheerios are good for your heart. The mom says ‘yes’; cut to the dad laying on the couch, waking up from a nap covered in Cheerios. Great spot. My girls thought it was funny even. (Daddy covered in Cheerios.)

A few hours later I read this article on Huffington Post talking about how many people were outraged over the commercial. Oh, yea, I almost forgot – the little girl is biracial, the mom is white and the dad is black. Apparently that really angers people in the year 2013, despite the fact that interracial couples are on the rise. Oh, and the fact that this SHOULDN’T EVEN MATTER. Seriously, Cheerios received so much heat they had to turn their comments function off on YouTube!

This really took me by surprise. It just doesn’t make any sense me.

2. How cool is this? Literally – how cool is it? Check out this new Coke bottle – it’s made from ice. What better way to enjoy an ice cold coke than from a glass made of ice? Yesterday we talked about packaging design pushing the boundaries. And now Coke, on the heels of it’s share can, has invested in packaging that leaves no waste and needs no recycling. I haven’t had any pop in almost two years…and this made me want to have one.

3. Breaking Bad updates. For those of you like me, who can’t wait for August 11 for the last season of Breaking Bad (only eight episodes!), you’ll dig this next section. Here are some of the updates you’ll want to know / read about:

  1. Check out the new poster. The season poster typically tips us off to the tone of the season. If that’s the case, what can we take away from the new poster, where Walter White is nowhere to be found?
  2. Vince Gilligan wept. So we’re all crying about the last season. Turns out we’re not the only one – Vince Gilligan cried while writing the last episode, which, according to the cast, is a doozy.
  3. Finally, bringing two of my favorite things together – Samuel L. Jackson monologues and Breaking Bad – you have to watch Jackson do this bit from Breaking Bad, season four. “I’m the one who knocks.”

4. Sorry for all the super heroes this week. But there is too much good stuff out there this week. Check out the new teaser image from The Amazing Spiderman 2, show Emma Watson’s Gwen Stacy being saved by Spidey. Problem is, she’s wearing an outfit that looks awful familiar…and if you’re a Spiderman fan, you know what fateful outfit she’s wearing.

Beyond that, how did I miss the casting for this next movie – Chris Cooper as Green Goblin and Jamie Foxx as Electro? Should be good!