Note: This is the first of a three-part guest series written by three AKHIA team members while Ben is on vacation. Today’s post is written by Amanda Kleinhenz, social media strategist.

1. Happy Social Media Day!

It’s hard to believe that the world didn’t always Instagram their favorite breakfast foods, tweet the final score of baseball games, Vine their 1-year-old’s birthday party and Pin their DIY projects. But now that social media is such an accepted and important way we communicate with one another, it only makes sense that it becomes a global holiday.

Yesterday was Mashable’s fourth annual Social Media Day, and it was celebrated all over the world (And, BONUS: The state of Missouri officially recognized June 30th as Social Media Day!) . AKHIA celebrated, too! But part of the day’s recognition also allows us to forecast what’s to come. As Ben asks on The Brew, what will we be talking with our clients about in 5 years? In 1 year? In 6 months? My guess is we’ll move even farther away from desktop and over to mobile in a big way.

2.Social Stickers Won’t Stick Around For Long
Long before scrapbooking took over hobby shops, I was obsessed with fuzzy stickers. I had books and books of fuzzy lions, unicorns, strawberries, trolls – you name it. But that’s when I was seven years old and before Pogs became popular.

Now 20 years later, social media is trying to make stickers cool again. Last week, Facebook introduced its first branded sticker collection promoting the upcoming release of Despicable Me 2. While this sticker pack is free for Facebook users, it’s likely they’ll soon come at a cost. I’ve gotta be honest: I don’t want social media stickers, free or not. We’re already so cluttered with emoticons, pictures, videos, check-in locations, friend tags – stickers are just too much. And they don’t really contribute anything. Maybe this is Facebook’s way of making tweens love them again, now that SnapChat has introduced SnapKidz? I’m just not convinced that social media stickers is “the next big thing.”

3. What Would You Text Our President?
In case you missed it, non-profit launched its “Text With the President” campaign last week, kicking off with the topic of student debt. As a college graduate who pays more each month in student debt (my undergrad debt + my husband’s undergrad debt + my husband’s graduate debt) than I do in monthly rent, I found this to be rather interesting.

Not that I had any expectations of my debt suddenly being wiped away, but I did expect President Obama to respond every day, Monday – Friday since it is being called “Text With the President” and “he’s” only responding to one text per day. (I’m not convinced he is actually responding.) Yet, I see on Thursday, Vice President Biden stepped in to help answer a text since the President was out of the country.

If I knew I could’ve received a reply from President Obama on one of my texts about student debt, I would’ve asked when tuition rates and loan rates will stop going up so I can buy a dang house!

4. Miley Unleashed
I’ve never been a big Miley Cyrus fan. Although I will admit, I can’t help but move my hips when I hear “Party In the U.S.A.”… But this pet parody on her new single “We Can’t Stop” is hysterical (and in my opinion, better than the actual music video). They say “We Can Bark” has gone ‘viral’ with 38,000+ views, but that’s small potatoes to the real thing, which has hit 42 million+ views.