What I’m thinking about today:

1. Your new favorite mash-up
2. Microsoft is going to be changing
3. Social media makes your brand more likable
4. Jonesing for Harry Potter?
5. This bar might be the coolest…

1. Your new favorite mash-up. Cosby meets Blurred Lines (from Garlic Jackson Comedy). And yes, it’s as awesome as you think it is.

Seriously, can this song be any more fun? And how crazy is it that 20+ years later Bill Cosby/Cliff Huxtable’s dance moves are still fresh? I’ve been trying to tell people for years that these moves are universal. And not just because I’ve used them myself at weddings and dance clubs. Now you can see for yourself.  And next time you see me at a wedding and I tell you ‘this is how the kids are dancing today’ you’ll see…you’ll see.

2. So…what’s up Microsoft? Not sure if you caught this but apparently there is going to be a major announcement at Microsoft tomorrow. It is assumed they are going to restructure around a larger software strategy. If you read between the lines, this seems like they are going to change the way we think about Microsoft. With the launch of the Surface tablet and the PC market suffering, will they be looking to exit the ‘computer’ business? (Will there even be a computer business in five – 10 years any way?) I wonder if this means they are going to make a bigger push to provide operating systems for the ‘internet of things’? I think it will be very interesting to watch unfold.

3. Social media is just so damn likable. No pun intended. Well, maybe a little. Check out these findings from the Internet Advertising Bureau. 90% of consumers say they would recommend a brand after engaging with them on social media. It shouldn’t be a hard concept to grasp but a lot of brands struggle with it. Not the ‘being on social media part’ – the ‘interacting with consumers part’. The numbers tied to social engagement and response are still very low despite the fact that consumers are having conversations without them and clamoring for them to talk back.

Think about when a brand tweets back at you. Or responds to a Facebook post. You tell your friends. I do – hey, I’m a 13-year-old geek at heart so when Star Wars retweeted something I said you KNOW I was telling all my friends. This is eventually going to wear off and lose some of its new car smell. Brands that understand this and invest in engaging with their communities see higher brand engagement, loyalty and have a higher brand sentiment.

And you don’t have to be a big brand to do it. As this Digiday article shows, “smaller” brands are having nice success doing the little things – simply reaching out to their audience, from wishing them a happy birthday to giving them a chance to experience the brand.

4. Need your Harry Potter fix? Google Street View has you covered. Google has done it again, this time working with Warner Bros. to create Diagon Alley as a location on Google Street View.

According to Digiday, the studio reportedly took six months to create over 20,000 products to put on the shops’ shelves so fans can take a virtual tour of storefronts like Ollivanders Wand Shop, Gringotts Wizarding Bank and Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes.

Isn’t it about time to make another movie? I think so, no?

5. This bar isn’t cool. It’s ice cold. No, seriously it is. Minus five to be exact. This came across my AP twitter feed that New York now has an ice bar called minus5 and it’s literally made of ice. Everything. And…you get to wear eskimo clothes!

According to the bar’s site:
The minus5 Experience… Once commencing the tour, guests are kitted out in Eskimo-like ice gear which includes insulated jackets, gloves and boots. Once inside the bar, visitors are greeted with an icy wonderland of intricately hand-crafted ice sculptures and furniture.

Guests can explore the ice bar and relax on ice couches covered in deer skin, while sipping on a wide range of cocktails using only the world’s premium vodkas served in our custom-designed glasses made from NZ artesian water. A photographer, skilled in the art of “capturing the moment,” roams the bar. It is one thing to experience something so cool; however it is something else to showcase that experience to friends and family. Printed photos await guests as they complete their tour and guests are given the opportunity to purchase anything from an Eskimo hat, to the “coolest” minus5 Clothing gear.

This combines two cool things – alcohol and themes. I like where this is going…although I don’t know if I’d have picked eskimos as my theme. Maybe a pirate bar? A viking bar?  Superheroes? Star Trek? Admit it, you’d go if you could get to dress like a pirate, buy some grog, drink on a ship. I like where this is going.