What I’m thinking about today…

1. Twinkies!
2. Drop everything and play ‘Departure Roulette’
3. Bruce Lee is alive and wants you to drink Johnnie Walker
4. Too…much…sports

Twinkies. Well, the big day has finally arrived. Twinkies are back in stores! Now, I know the Twinkies you have from last year are good for about another 19 years but you can go out today and purchase your very own collectors edition – see for yourself

I have now lived through the comebacks of Coca-Cola, Twinkies and Michael Jordan. Someday my grandkids will write quite the paper about me.

2. Would you ‘drop everything?’ This is a really cool campaign from Heineken – and one that provides an interesting glimpse into human nature. They are daring you to play ‘Departure Roulette’ where you change your travel plans – on the spot – and press a button that will tell you where you are now going to (you have to sign-off on it before pressing the button). It‘s part of the new Heineken campaign ‘Drop Everything‘. The first guy up had his flight changed from Vienna (where he was going to visit his grandparents) to Cyprus. Yowza.

Would you do this? I want to say I would but I don’t know if I have it in me…

3. (Re)Enter the Dragon. A really interesting ad hit my twitter feed the other day, courtesy of Jud Forner – Johnnie Walker is using Bruce Lee’s likeness in new commercials. The TV spot features a modern day Bruce Lee talking about the power of following your instincts. Problem is, as we all know, Bruce Lee died in 1973.

Lee’s daughter approved the use of his likeness (part look-a-like actor, part CGI) despite the fact he never really drank. Jud sent it my way to get my take on the question this article asks – is the ad ‘tasteless’ or ‘brilliant’ – but my mind instantly went to ‘huh, this completely changes the way a celebrity can manage their personal brand – and make money – even after they’re gone.’ It’s something I never really thought of but if you have a legacy personal brand it is something that should be considered when planning for the care of an estate. Think about celebrities who have passed on, such as Frank Sinatra, Bruce Lee, Michael Jackson…and those who haven’t but would fall into that category, like Michael Jordan, Tom Hanks, Madonna. If you could set it up where your brand is protected and your family can profit from it…would you? You’d essentially be outliving yourself.

Side note – I told Jud I thought the ad was harmless and done in good taste. And even if we don’t agree his daughter signed off on it.

4. Random sports takes…There is so much going on in the sports world. And a lot of it is just begging to be discussed beyond here, which I’ll be happy to do, however, I have to give a few quick takes:

Dwight Howard. I said way back in January that Dwight wasn’t going to stay with the Lakers, he had checked out and he wasn’t worth discussing until free agency. Now that it’s come and gone and Dwight’s in Houston I think it’s interesting that so many people say he left because he couldn’t handle it and that Houston was the safer bet. Am I the only who doesn’t think that’s the case? In L.A. he had an excuse if things didn’t go well (Kobe coming back, getting older, Pau still not getting it, D’Antoni not cutting it). And he would have a huge contract (max money) and play in a huge market that would guarantee he’s big with or without basketball. That sounds pretty safe to me, no? In Houston he is being viewed as THE missing piece. He had a bad exit in Orlando. Didn’t work out in L.A. and now has to basically be perfect and on his best behavior in Houston to kill some of the perception that is out there.

Aaron Hernandez/Urban Meyer. How in the hell is any of this Meyer’s fault? Why was this even a story? Even if it was true…that Meyer ignored some of Hernandez’s bad behavior…how does that put him on the hook for Hernandez’s alleged role in this murder case? Nonsense. Let’s move on.

Yasiel Puig. So Yasiel Puig has burst onto the scene in L.A. with the Dodgers. His numbers in his first 40 games are crazy – 8 HR; 19 RBI; .391 Avg. And he joined Joe DiMaggio as the only player in history to have 40 hits and 4 HRs in his first months. But all of the publicity around him hasn’t been positive. And most of it has come from his fellow players as they think it’s a joke he’s being considered for the All-Star game (he didn’t win the fan vote but could still get in as an injury replacement). To which I say…who cares? This is a game that mandates each team be represented with at least one player (ultimately pushing out more deserving players). Even the first all-star game featured an aging Babe Ruth who didn’t have the numbers to warrant an appearance…but he was one of the biggest names in the game (at the time) and ultimately history. It’s an exhibition. And it’s for the fans. We want to see the story lines played out, in front of us, in real-time (so we can tweet about it). Oh, and by the way…we’re the ones voting. If we want him in the game, we should get to put him in the game. And if MLB doesn’t like it they should reconsider how the players are named to the game. And obviously, because MLB uses the game to drive fan engagement and traffic to their site, they aren’t going to change the format any time soon. Get over it.