What I’m thinking about today:

1.Vine mash-ups
2.Overweight Boy Scouts
3.Illegal interview questions
4.Losing your brand voice, literally

Vine mash-ups. You can do a lot in six seconds. Need proof? Check out these 11 vine mash-ups that are awesome and will only take you a little over a minute to view. My favorite was number two (Family Guy meets Little Mermaid) until I saw number three.

(Thank you Kate Eidam for sending this my way!)

2. Want to join Boy Scouts? Better not have a body mass index over 40.0. In a somewhat amazing move the Boy Scouts have announced that if you want to participate in its national jamboree, an annual event that is a “physically demanding experience”, you cannot have a body mass index over 40.

Of course, the first reaction most of us have is that they are discriminating against obese scouts. But let’s say the Boy Scouts have some legitimate concerns around the stamina/ability scouts need (don’t have) to participate in this event – why limit it to those scouts who exceed their definition of an ‘acceptable’ weight? Some scouts may appear to be 100% healthy but could fall over from an unseen heart condition. Maybe some have an equilibrium issue that could cause them to literally fall and break something. There are quite a few unseen possibilities. Why draw attention to yourself for this? Why not just demand that in order to participate ever scout must undergo and submit a physical and, regardless of their BMI, if they pass, they’re in? I’m sure there are all kinds of liability waiver forms the Boy Scouts can use to protect themselves. I don’t understand why this group continues to miss so badly when it comes to managing / protecting its brand.

3. “When was the last time you used illegal drugs?” And 10 other questions you aren’t allowed to ask on an interview. I saw this pop up in my twitter stream and I had to click to see what kind of questions might be out there that I shouldn’t be asking. I thought for sure I would be guilty of a few. And then I read them – “Do you socially drink?” “Do you have any outstanding debt?” Do we really need to be told that we can’t ask these questions on interviews? And even if you did think it is a good idea to, do you expect the person answering to do so honestly? “Wow, what a great question. You know, I haven’t done illegal drugs for so long now that I don’t know if I can even answer that.”

Based on how you answer it would make for an interesting “What’s your greatest weakness?” question? “Well, my biggest weakness is I am a perfectionist.” Oh, really? Because five minutes ago you told me you did illegal drugs three months ago. Call me crazy but that sounds like a big weakness to me.

4. Talk about losing your brand voice. To follow-up on a piece that I covered a month ago, Men’s Wearhouse has released its first ‘post-George Zimmer’ ad. It’s only 15 seconds and is repurposed footage around the company’s annual suit drive. It’s amazing how, in only 15 seconds, without Zimmer’s recognizable voice and classic tagline (You’re gonna like the way you look…) it is a very bland, very generic ad. I don’t think the company realizes how anchored the brand was in his voice, both literally and figuratively.

From a branding perspective it breaks a lot of rules to go from something so strong and recognizable to…well, nothing…in a month’s time. The company missed an opportunity to introduce a new voice, a new campaign, a new brand…new anything…and instead is left with an ad that doesn’t stand out at all. I will be very interested to see how this affects their performance.

What do you think of the ad? You can see it here on AdWeek.