What I’m thinking about today:

1.Branded coffee stains
2.Disney’s cool packaging
3.Disney’s cool Frozen trailer
4.Dragon skull found – what does it mean?
5.I’m yelling Dominos!

1. The world’s first branded coffee stain. Have I ever told you about my first tradeshow experience? It was my first morning at the show and my client was walking me around, introducing me to some suppliers, customers, etc. The first booth we stopped at was a customer’s. When the client introduced me I shook the customer’s hand; as I did so I quickly shifted my coffee cup into my other hand. But I did so a little too quickly – spilling coffee on the sleeve of the guy I had just met. I left a nice coffee stain on his shirt suit sleeve. Great first impression. Great first tradeshow story to tell.

What I didn’t know then that I know now is coffee stains can be cool…if they’re branded. Check out this cool viral idea from Regina paper towels – as they give us the first branded coffee stain, making you want to spill your coffee. (Just not on people)

2. This company gets it. You might have noticed…Disney is kind of good at branding and creating an experience no matter where you engage them. Even in shipping. Check out the box that arrived at our house yesterday:

It was a normal order (backpack, lunchbox for Leia) but there was nothing normal about the package. Great printing application and great use of the brand. The kids, who love an empty cardboard box anyway, really loved this because Minnie and Mickey were on it. Oh Disney. You guys are too cool.

3. Speaking of Disney…I know I posted my ‘Monsters U’ review the other day but I’m already looking forward to the big winter movie, ‘Frozen’. I keep hearing so much about it. Have you seen the trailer yet? Check it out.

4. Are dragons among us? Or is this the coolest ad ever? This dragon skull was discovered on Charmouth beach, along England’s Jurassic Coast, which has also been the site of many fascinating dinosaur-fossil discoveries over the years.

But, before you get too excited, ‘Reign of Fire’ fans, this isn’t proof dragons ever existed or are among us again. However, it is proof that Winter is Coming. Yep, it was a (non traditional) ad for Game of Thrones. Well, technically it was an ad for BlinkBox, a on-demand streaming service in the UK, who had this built to promote the fact that Game of Thrones, season three, was now available through their service.

I loved this – not just because it was Game of Thrones but because it shows you don’t have to do an ad to do an ad. I’m a big fan of non traditional work and something that becomes a story not just an advertisement.

5. Want to see 275,000 Dominos fall down? Yep, we have a new Guinness World Record in the Dominos category. Check out the new record holder, titled ‘Enjoy your life’.