What I’m thinking about today – let’s have a little fun on a Friday:

1.Hot? Have an ice cream truck delivered
2.Selfies so wrong, they’re right…
3.You can finally have an alter ego
4.Mac decals make Macs cooler
5.Our first look at Spider Man 2’s Electro

1. It’s hot. Damn hot. And now you can do something about it thanks to this new app from Uber. It lets you requests an ice cream truck visit your area. Yep. Ice cream truck delivery. To you. What is cooler than this (outside of beer delivered right to your front door?)

Uber is an app that lets you line up cars for hire. And I don’t know of a car that needs to be hired more than an ice cream truck! It’s available in 33 states starting today.

2. Selfies gone (terribly) wrong. Who doesn’t love to laugh at a good selfie? (And how is selfie still coming up as wrong in spellcheck? Isn’t it in the dictionary?) Anyway, here are eight selfies that went wrong. I love all of them but my absolute favorite is number five. There’s so much good here – a guy taking one; he’s in a Star Trek uniform and his friends totally busted him.

3. Do you have an alter ego? From the ‘what took ’em so long’ department, Under Armour has entered into a deal with Warner Bros. Consumer Products to release Alter Ego, a line of apparel and accessories that look like superhero outfits.

Yea, you know you’re buying this and wearing it under your suit, Clark Kent style. It’s like underoos for adults.

4. Mac Decals. I will have had my MacBook for four years next month. (That’s three months in PC years.) It works as good as the day I brought it home. In fact, the only thing that could make it cooler are any of these 15 awesome decals for the front of it. Ranging from meme’s, to Super Mario Bros., to Yoda…to my favorite, the Eye of Sauron.

I have to admit though, I’m kind of torn. Do I put one of these on? If I do, does it hurt my standing as a brand loyal Mac user – tainting the original wonderful design? I’ve been struggling with this one for a while.

5. Finally, did you see the Electro teaser? This was all over the place yesterday but just in case you haven’t caught it, Spider Man 2 is introducing Electro at Comic Con. Here’s the teaser – I had a few doubts about Jamie Foxx being cast but after seeing this I don’t anymore. Looks very cool.