What I’m thinking about today:

2.Scary dollhouse commercials
3.Tornado proof homes
4.The Costanza wallet

1. ‘Put the Wienermobile in the hands of the consumer.’ The 13-year-old in me wants to have a lot of fun with this next story but the grown up professional (both descriptors are debatable, I know) that I am will only talk about the cool marketing opportunity Oscar Mayer has uncovered with its new Wienermobile promotion.

What’s better than one Wienermobile? Six Wienermobiles. Oscar Mayer has launched a campaign where the six mobile hot dogs will embark on a cross country trip, competing with each other Amazing Race style, taking challenges from you – the wiener fans – via social media. You can watch the contest unfold and log your requests here

I think the bigger story is what the article alludes to – advertising’s social media facelift. It seems brands are finally realizing there is a conversation being had without them – and are trying to cast a bigger net instead of buying a bigger boat to capture it. Brands are investing in more channels as well as a ‘homebase’ to bring them all together. I still don’t think we’re at a point where social channels can shoulder the responsibility of keeping everything organized – especially when people use social channels in so many different ways.

The question now is will this be enough to entice consumers – simply offering a seat at the table – when they are already having a conversation at their own table? The answer of course is yes, IF the content is developed and dispensed correctly and is in-step with the brand. No matter what the channel, the strategy will always remain unchanged – brand, audience, conversation.

2. The only thing missing from this dollhouse is Chucky. Ikea launched a new TV spot featuring a girl playing with a dollhouse…where the dolls come to life. Of course the dolls don’t really come to life, that just happens in my nightmares. These are actors wearing freaky plastic masks, playing house (in perfectly organized and decorated rooms).

This ad doesn’t give me the warm and fuzzies and isn’t exactly in-line with the Ikea brand. Well, at least I don’t think it is. It’s kind of hard to get a grip on the Ikea brand (maybe that’s by design)? For me it would feature a dad spending hours trying to build something based on the mess that Ikea considers assembly instructions before going to Walmart. (I always think of that scene from ‘The Wire’ where Jimmy McNulty is trying to build bedroom sets for his kid so they can stay with him.)

3. Is this the first tornado safe house? Thanks to hydraulics, solar power and a high performance shell we may see luxurious trailer parks soon. Check out for yourself what is being developed by Hong Kong-based architecture firm 10 Design.

I can’t help but think of The Jetsons when I see this. Is this how the design of the future begins? Will the future of home architecture be dictated by weather? And how much longer until we have flying cars? (Sorry – had to throw that in there.)

4. The slim wallet. Speaking of the design of the future – check out these wallets I came across the other day. Bellroy has a cool site and even cooler wallets. They have some fun walking you through how you can slim that wallet down, ending with a tour of their own as well as their complete line. I now know what I want for my birthday.

Although, I have to say…I am kind of like George Costanza when it comes to my wallet. It’s fat and I have so much ridiculousness in it – but it’s become more of a badge of honor at this point. Sure, I have a bulging disc as a result of it and haven’t been able to put it in my back pocket for about six years. And yes, my senior homecoming picture might still be in it along with some movie stubs to those three times I saw Dumb and Dumber back in 1994. Hmmm….ok, I think it might be time for a new wallet.