Note: This is the second of a two-part guest series written by two AKHIA team members while Ben is on vacation. Today’s post is written by Michael Schwabe, director of digital strategy.

After racking my brain for days (OK, hours), I’ve realized the idea of posting stories and content on a daily basis is not an enviable task. Hats off to Ben for sticking to it! But, in his absence, I get to give you a look inside my head for what I’ve Ben Thinking.

As director of digital strategy for AKHIA, I get to be a nerd; as the person who also handles IT and help desk services for AKHIA, I get to be a geek. So, what better way to give you some insight into what I see as interesting and ‘cool’ than to welcome you all into my world of “nergeekery.” Now, if only we could make that the subtitle for the next Revenge of the Nerds movie reboot.

First up, a company we all know and interact with on a daily basis, Microsoft, has launched their Lab of Things (LoT) project. To try and break it down, LoT aims to make sharing research, gathering information and developing new software easier by making almost any Internet-connected home or wireless device a collector of information. Now, before you start conjuring thoughts of Big Brother (not the horrible reality show, the Orwell version), know that this is a controlled and opt-in process that simply aims to make research easier and more cost effective. Anyone with a little coding knowledge and a desire to gather LoTs (see what I did there?) of information can try it out.

Next, I was checking out the latest announcements from Apple and Google for mobile devices – iOS7 and Android Jelly Bean 4.3, respectively – and find myself more and more excited about where mobile computing is going. In short, we have more power in our phones and tablets than many computers had just a few short years ago. Collaboration has never been easier, and more systems are integrating with these platforms than ever before. But where the nerd and geek in me intersect is the idea that, within the coming years, we likely won’t have the need for a device that goes in our pocket or laptop bag. Wearable devices like Google Glass and the rumored iWatch are not only cool to use but can make the technology feel more like second nature and not an add-on device to our lives. I’m very excited to see where this takes us as a society and as marketers looking for the next big thing to help deliver messages to more targeted audiences.

The other day (let’s be honest, every day), I was thinking, “Gee, I’m hungry,” quickly followed by a go-to mid-day thought of, “I want a peanut butter sandwich.” I can’t help it. Sometimes the 5-year-old inside still takes over my brain. And don’t you hate it when you want something in a jar (like peanut butter) and there’s such a small amount left that you end up getting it all over your hands as you dig the knife or spoon towards the bottom? Well, this little ingenious idea may save us all the time and frustration of not being able to get to the bottom. Jar with a Twist looks fun to use, and if the inventors’ claim holds up, shouldn’t add costs to the products we know and love. See, and you thought I was just nerdy and geeky when it came to online and digital things. Psshhh!

And last – because lets be honest, your mind has exploded a little at all the awesomeness above  – let’s wrap up with Space, The Final Frontier, because every nerd loves a little space talk. It looks like something that many of us have never seen in person, let alone touched, is coming to the Olympics. As part of the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, the first place finishers in each event will receive gold medals with a piece of meteorite embedded. How cool is that?! While I think they’re way over-thinking the execution of it – why can’t everyone get a gold medal with a meteor – it’s a great fusion of technology and sports that should lead to an extremely sought-after collectable. The medals look pretty darn cool, too.