What I’m thinking about today:

1.It’s hump day!
2.Pop-Tart Ice Cream Sandwiches?!
3.Starbucks wins again…well, they will soon enough
4.Key and Peele – back September 18!

1. What day is it? Does anyone know, what…day…it is? It’s Hump Day! Which gives me the perfect opportunity to share my favorite commercial of the moment with you – Geico’s Hump Day, starring a hilarious camel who can’t contain his excitement that it’s Wednesday.

I bring this up because one, it’s Hump Day; two, it’s hilarious and three, because I spent the weekend with my best friends quoting lines from this commercial and watching it multiple times on our tablet/phones it has me rethinking how we watch commercials. Yesterday I wrote about how mobile and social is changing the way we watch sports. And just when you think commercials are fading, being fast forwarded, skipped, here we are talking about commercials more than ever, from Kmart’s ‘Ship my pants’ to Oreo’s wonderfilled.

Why is this? Because brands are finally getting that they have more channels than those on the box. And if you start to think more about the buzz/pass along opportunities that these channels provide and less about the traditional formulas, people will be more likely to talk about it, watch it, learn more about it than before – especially when said channel gives you a direct link to do so.

So kudos to those brands who are getting it – and investing more in what they’re putting out there, in front of us. Because if we’ve learned one thing from YouTube it’s that we will watch anything.

2. The Final Frontier…in more ways than one. Check out this ad for the new Carl’s Jr. Strawberry Pop-Tart Ice Cream Sandwich.

NOTE: Wow. Pop-Tarts have hit the mainstream. They are now part of a fast food menu. They have arrived. And let’s talk about that sandwich for a minute. As good (bad?) as it looks, is it the laziest menu item we’ve ever seen? Step 1: Break Pop-Tart in two; Step 2: Drop a scoop of ice cream on it; Step 3: Press together.

The reason this caught my eye, other than the fact it features Pop-Tarts, is because it features reviews from food bloggers in the ad as the theme from Space Odyssey: 2001 plays in the background. Ironic when you consider this might be the final frontier as bloggers continue to cross that line to ‘media’. I think this is something we’re going to see more and more – especially in specialty areas like food.

What will be interesting to watch is how brands separate blogger reviews from blogger ads/promos. It’s like having a newspaper or magazine where the reporters also sell the ad space. The difference is for those who actually follow those bloggers their name / brand alone is enough credibility to minimize this. And right now that’s what I think any company featuring bloggers are hoping for – and those who think it’s not appropriate banging the drum against it.

3. Starbucks wants you to recharge…and recharge. Check out this article talking about Starbucks decision to rollout mobile charging at some of their stores in Silicone Valley. The decision is being compared to Starbucks move to offer wireless more than a decade ago in an attempt to shift the balance of power in a ‘standards battle’.

I love that term and think that’s where stores (retail, restaurant, etc.) will have to focus to win over today’s consumer as physical locations continue to be an endangered species. Is a ‘charge’ for your phone something that will make you choose Starbucks over another coffee house? No. You were going there anyway. But is it something that elevates Starbucks in your mind, even more, as a premiere establishment and what you’ll compare other stores to? Yes. Starbucks will be seen, in this case, as a model of how companies should evolve and adapt to today’s consumers (and more importantly, tomorrow’s) making it easier for them to get new customers and keep existing ones. I’d say this is a trend to keep an eye on but given the fact I have to fight people for a plug pretty much anywhere else I go (talking about you Panera) I know this will become a ‘standard’ feature soon enough. Nice move Starbucks.

4. Key and Peele. It’s season three of Key and Peele, debuting September 18, and if you’re not on board with them yet, you’re missing out. These guys are hilarious and have done a great job of tapping into a very diverse audience. From President Obama’s anger translator, Luther to my personal favorite ‘Liam Neesons’. I’m in tears.

And if you’re like me you can’t wait for season three…which makes this funny piece that hit YouTube yesterday, called ‘How to take a photo’ a must see.