What I’m thinking about today:

1. We love fireworks.
2. Who is Justin Carter?
3. Evolution of the minifig
4. Cavs grades
5. Best wedding toast ever?

1. Let me tell you what I learned on vacation. Americans…we love us some us fireworks. Lord. I was down in Ocean City where I think everyone within a 10-mile radius came out to 1.) watch fireworks and then went home to 2.) set off their own fireworks. You know what makes fireworks better? When they’re set to music. Cue up the Neil Diamond and watch this time lapse video (from photographer Jason Smith) showing the entire Macy’s fireworks presentation (yep, they do big balloons AND fireworks). Hope you all had a fun Fourth of July!

2. You should know the name Justin Carter. Have you heard about Justin Carter? I didn’t until I was scrolling through my headlines at the beach. Justin Carter is a 19-year-old was arrested back February for making terroristic threats on Facebook. Carter had just won the video game League of Legends and decided that accomplishment warranted some celebratory Facebook posts…including one that talked about shooting up a kindergarden. Well, someone didn’t like that (turns out almost everyone finds that kind of talk extremely disturbing…go figure), reported him to the authorities who arrested him for making terrorist threats online. He’s been in jail ever since and is facing a 10 year sentence if found guilty.

This raises a lot of questions for me. You know I’m not defending what he said. The guy is obviously an idiot that can’t control himself when it comes to a video game. Nor does he have any common sense or know the definition of sarcasm (he claimed he was just being sarcastic with his post). But is everything we say now subject to interpretation? Or intent? Is everything we say being monitored? Wait. We already know the answer to that. 

Should Carter still be in jail? In solitary confinement? Naked? I don’t think so. And if all he is guilty of is being an idiot, how should that be punished? Is this the modern day version of yelling ‘fire!’ in a crowded theater? Prank calling 911? And if so, shouldn’t that be considered a minor violation? Regardless, as I’ve been talking about here, a lot lately, use of social media comes with a certain degree of responsibility. You can’t just say what you want. I’m not talking about censorship. I’m talking about censoring yourself.

I don’t have an answer on how social media should be monitored. I argue myself into a corner every time. What do you think?

3. Evolution of the minifig. I swear it’s not mandatory for me to have one LEGO story a week but damn they just have so much cool stuff to write about. The latest was sent to me by Mike Schwabe – check it out, the history of the mini figure. (From Gizmodo)

Every mini figure that’s been released (note the use of the word ‘released’ – there is a cool side bar about ones that didn’t make it into mainstream). I had no idea there were so many different characters in the mini figure universe. I think they’ve pretty much made every character there is to make but…is there someone they haven’t made that you’d like to see? The Real Housewives collection maybe?  (Seriously, how fun would that be? So many different sets, from The Brownstone to SUR.)

4. Good or bad, Cavs are making some noise. So as I’m writing this I see that the Cavaliers have thrown their hat into the Andrew Bynum ring. Rumor has it they are looking to offer him a big time one-year deal. And he’s interested. Let’s say they sign him, which, hey, why not? Will the Cavs all of a sudden be sneaky good and a legitimate contender for a playoff spot? When you consider the teams rebuilding in the East you’re only left with a handful of good teams: Heat, Bulls, Pacers, Nets, Knicks. That leaves three spots open and I think the Cavs, Hawks, Pistons, Wizards can contend for it. Why? Well, let’s look at and grade what might make this possible:

Mike Brown. I’m not a big fan of this move; however, I always thought that Brown would have more success coaching younger guys that want to learn and can commit to his style and defensive schemes. Whether you like it or not Brown should be an upgrade. Grade: B

Jarrett Jack.Loved this move. Big scoring in doses. Can spell the guards – or play with them. No fear. Grade: B

Earl Clark. Not as flashy but still a good move. Can play solid defense and should fit into Brown’s system well. Like how he could play alongside Bennett. Grade: B

The draft. I wasn’t as down on the draft as others. I think the Cavs should get credit for drafting the player they wanted, not who everyone else wanted. Bennett should be interesting to watch and could end up surprising a lot of us. The Karasev pick seemed to be a little more popular and I can’t wait to watch this kid play. I think the Cavs are going to shoot a lot of three’s this year. Let’s hope they make some. Grade: Incomplete

Looking at the rosters of the other teams potentially in contention and you can easily make a case that the Cavs should get one of the last three playoff spots. Problem is, you can also make a case that they shouldn’t get one. Hey, we’re Cleveland fans. We’ll take .500.

5. More Cowbell? How about more Eminem. Is this the best wedding toast ever? Well, considering it was done to Eminem’s ‘Without Me’, I would say yes. Nevermind that half of the attendees have no idea what she’s doing or why this is so awesome. I wonder if she does kids parties?