What I’ve Ben thinking about today…

1.Women hold the power. Now there are numbers to back that up.
2.U-verse. That was easy.
3.Advertisers are KILLING your favorite songs from the 90s!

1. Men, I want to talk to you for a minute. Remember, growing up, how you were dying to buy…whatever it was you wanted to by (for me it was any Star Wars figure I didn’t have)…and you would build up your savings and your courage to ask…your mom? That’s what it really came down to, no? Well, not much has changed, right? Now, you do your research on the Internet, save your money and build up your courage to ask…your wife.

Don’t believe me? Check out this revealing infographic that shows just how much purchasing power women – your mom, your wife – hold. But you know the stat that surprised me the most? 60% of all personal wealth is held by women? No. 75% of women identify themselves as the primary household shopper? No. No, the stat that really surprised me is that 91% of women think advertisers don’t understand them.

Is that true? Maybe it is. Women hold so much purchasing power yet a lot of the marketing and advertising is still geared toward men. In fact, as the infographic shows, 50% of the products traditionally marketed to men are purchased by women.

I guess the bottom line is it doesn’t matter if advertisers do or don’t understand women – what matters is women think they don’t get it. So what do you think needs to happen to change that perception?

2. Sometimes it really is about making life easier. For four years now we’ve been waiting for U-verse to become available in our neighborhood. We gladly put our names on a waiting list should it ever become available, suffering with TimeWarner in the meantime. With TimeWarner we were “locked” into a rate…that went up twice. Our DVR misfired several times, resulting in lost Real Housewives episodes (tragic, no?). And just when I thought my wife was going to lose it we received an email from U-verse saying they were finally in our area. Finally!

So I called U-verse and knew, right from the beginning, something was different – I was talking to a human being right from the first pick-up. No menu options. No on-hold. Just a human voice. But wait, it gets better.

After taking two minutes to walk through my family’s viewing options the U-verse rep walked me through the package he was recommending. Good. Done. Oh, there are sign-up fees, installation fees, breathing fees…oh…and you’re going to waive them? Cool! But wait, what eight-hour window do I need to leave open for you to come out and set this up? Oh…it’s just a two hour window. And you do Saturdays? Whaaaat???

Ok, but I know I’m going to have a lapse in service, from cancelling TimeWarner to my U-verse install. But no! U-verse will install and then I can cancel TimeWarner. Easy. Easy all the way around. All of my information was emailed to me, verifying everything we talked about (and yes, it matched). Total call time? 19 minutes. Total wait time? 0 minutes.

Do you wonder why one provider is so easy to deal with while another is very cumbersome and not even close to ‘easy’? I know I do. How did U-verse know how to do all the little things to make my experience as painless as possible? Just doing the right thing? It doesn’t seem that hard to be so easy, but apparently it is? And what does it say about us that I’m SHOCKED by a call going well? (Here’s hoping I’m not back here in a few months talking about problems with U-verse.)

3. What, the hell…I’m old. A weird thing has happened over the last few days – TV commercials have made me realize I just…might…be…getting older. Two commercials I saw really brought me down:

  • Stop. Eggo time. As much as I like this commercial…using ‘U Can’t Touch This to talk about picky eaters and how much kids like Eggo waffles? A moment of silence for my junior high years.
  • Snoop Dogg in the Overstock.com commercials. My wife and I were just listening to the ’15 Years of Death Row’ album, talking about how different/scary/cool Snoop Dogg’s stuff was when it first came out. My parents didn’t want me listening to The Chronic (so of course, I did). But now Snoop Dogg (Lion) is buying stuff for all his kids on Overstock.com commercials. Murder (of my high school memories) was the Case.

What’s next? Marilyn Manson’s ‘Beautiful People’ playing over a Cover Girl spot? A note to my peers in the biz – hands off the 90s music, ok?!?