A lot of things going through my head as I watched Miley Cyrus’ performance at the MTV Video Music Awards last night. Let’s start with the fact that I think the show might have jumped the shark. The awards show debuted in 1984. It might be time for it to level off and be an actual awards show. Accept who you are. For 30 years it’s been a game of ‘top this’ and at some point the act grows old. It’s all been done.

Now, regarding Miley Cyrus; a lot of people were offended by her, uh, performance. And I understand all of the reasons why. For me, yes, I’m annoyed that yet another former Disney star has gone down this path. It’s almost become cliché. And yea, it would be nice if one of these stars would rise to the occasion and accept the responsibility of role model (our hopes rest with you Bridgit Mendler). But hey, like Barkley said – that’s our job, as parents.

I was more offended/annoyed that I just didn’t get it. I mean, I truly didn’t. I think I do a pretty good job of keeping up with ‘what the kids are listening to’ and I still count myself as a fan of a lot of current artists, such as Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars and Macklemore. But this…this was a wreck. I feel like we as viewers deserved more respect – does Cyrus think we’re so stupid and have such short attention spans that the only way we’ll pay attention to her is to wear a ridiculous outfit and fornicate with oversized teddy bears? And for all the playing to the audience, who is a lot younger than me, you have to give them credit – today’s fans will see through that. If you don’t have talent and are trying to steal the spotlight in other ways, it will be short-lived. Especially if you’re playing this act out just to get attention. We already have a Lady Gaga (who borrowed from Madonna, but nonetheless). Next time, if there is a next time, try harder. Wait, scratch that – don’t try so hard.

So if the ‘We can’t stop’ performance wasn’t bad and confusing enough, I became downright delirious when Robin Thicke came on stage. So let me get this straight – the summer’s, maybe the year’s biggest song is going to be tacked on to the end of a Miley Cyrus song? And then performed with her bee-bopping and skatting around stage in her underwear? That’s the best MTV could do with this huge hit? I expect more out of you MTV. And you, Robin Thicke (starting with your suit selection). Very disappointing. Which was definitely the theme of the night.