You would think in an era where we believe nearly everything we read (at least that’s what I read in the New York Times), issuing an apology would be a lot easier than it is.

But that’s the beauty of celebrities, politicians and now professional athletes. They are historically tragic figures that can’t get out of their own way, living in a virtual world that they created, channeling Tony Soprano, where their lies are reality. What might be more upsetting is accepting this because it’s better than the alternative, which is that these public figures have no soul, no conscience. Lie for the sake of lying because really, they only care about themselves.

If I sound jaded…if I sound scorned it’s because I am. As a lifelong baseball fan – lifelong baseball purist – I’m struggling with the latest wave of PED suspensions and how players like A-Rod and Ryan Braun have handled their apologies. These guys have no interest in being accountable. Instead they’d rather argue semantics, hoping to clear their names on a technicality or a misplaced semicolon in their test results. It’s like suing a guy you robbed because you broke your leg on the way out.

We’re sports fans. We’re not asking for much. Just admit that you did what we already highly, highly suspect you did. And when you do, act like you give a damn about the fans. Sadly, these guys can’t even do that right. In the case of Braun, the best he could do, after ripping up the testing technician and so adamantly claiming ‘this substance never entered his body, at any point’ was to issue an apology through the Brewers. No public appearance. No heartfelt apology.

Combined with what I saw on the VMA’s last night I have to wonder if we, as fans, are viewed as nothing more than mindless idiots that don’t deserve the respect and honesty of those celebrities and sports teams we follow so passionately. Are they getting lazy – or are we?