What I’ve Ben thinking about this morning…

1.My heart is full…with Full House
2.Did the Oreo tweet break the advertising machine?
3.Speaking of machines, viral vending machines are all the rage.

1. #JustJesse. Keep your Shark Week and give me #JustJesse week on Nick at Nite. Yep, a whole week dedicated to Jesse Katsopolis. Because…well, do you need a reason? Because we deserve it ok, that’s why.

My seven-year-old is hooked on Full House now – as she should be. I mean, any good parent knows they have certain responsibilities – teach your kids right from wrong, how to look someone in the eye when you shake a hand, root for the Buckeyes and love Full House. A lot of life’s lessons can be tied back to this show. I mean, I think back to Friday nights, growing up, when TGIF debuted (yes, DEBUTED) and I would settle in with a bowl of popcorn and watch…ahem…Perfect Strangers, Full House, Mr. Belvedere, Just the Ten of Us and then 20/20 (aka: time for bed).

Then the next year it evolved to be Full House, Family Matters, Perfect Strangers and Just the Ten of Us. Seeing that makes me wonder, again, how did Just the Ten of Us fail? It was the spin-off (Growing Pains) that should’ve worked…but didn’t. It would today as a Disney show, right between Good Luck Charlie and Shake It Up. I always felt bad for the 9:30 time slot on TGIF. It was cursed. Like the cover of Madden Football it just didn’t work. Sure, we had Step by Step, Sister, Sister and some other failed shows but nothing ever took hold like Full House. It grabbed the 8 p.m. time slot…and our hearts.

Watching Full House now…man, it’s better than ever and really has stood the test of time. Even their cliché episode – the trip to Hawaii (on last night) is still good. Hopefully you’re reading this and going ‘oh man, I didn’t know it was Jesse week!’ Don’t fret – you still have three days left to go. Enjoy.

2. The Oreo Super Bowl Dunk in the Dark tweet won two Lions awards at this year’s Cannes Lions Festival. Did it deserve to win one, not to mention two? And is it ruining advertising?

One strategist at a large advertising agency thinks it is (well, kind of…you’ll have to read his story for yourself). So much so that he left his agency and started a new one dedicated to ‘producing things rather than talk about or sell things’. You can read his story here – it’s worth the few minutes it will take you.

But you can read my story here. And here’s what I have to say in answer to that question – no, the Oreo tweet did not ruin advertising. I was thrilled (and jealous) watching that unfold in real time during the Super Bowl. I felt like I was experiencing an Apple 1984 moment for my generation. And while I was marveling at the logistics, the spontaneity and the creativity it took to produce the tweet I also knew, immediately, that everyone would want one of their own. (I had this flash of the Mad Men episode where Don has to deal with everyone wanting a Glo Coat ad after it wins the Clio.)

I think the passion clients have for marketing and advertising is what keeps our business so fantastic. It’s what gives us the chance to be creative and tries new things. Sometimes we have to realize that the industry is going to evolve and move forward on someone else’s great idea, which is what gives us the chance to act in good council and direct our clients in a way that is what’s best for their brand. Does everyone want their own ‘Oreo Tweet’? Of course. Is it right for everyone – no way. But that’s where we, as the agency, come in. It’s up to us to help our clients come up with their own Oreo Tweet.

The Oreo Tweet didn’t ruin the advertising business. It gave us more options, opened up thinking with people who may not have been so open before that and challenged us. Until the next ‘Oreo Tweet’, that is.

3. Vending machines are the new viral video. I get asked a lot ‘how do we make a viral video?’ And, of course, the answer is always ‘with a ton of cute kittens’. No, no, it isn’t (but studies show it doesn’t hurt). The real answer is ‘we’ll never know’. It’s like answering how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop. There isn’t one answer and you just never know.

But one trend that seems to be helping a video go viral is vending machines. But not just normal vending machines – vending machines that do cool things. Of course Coca-Cola jumps out as a great example of this – they have the happiness machine, the hug me (what rhymes with hug me?) machine and one that even aspires toward world peace. But other companies are getting in on the act and doing so with the intent of recording and communicating it through social media.

One video, showing people pushing a button for Fantastic Delites rice snacks scored more than 2.7 million YouTube views since July 2012. The Pepsi machine that gives free Pepsi’s in exchange for a Facebook like launched in May and has 95,000 views already.

Viral vending machines may run their course – but the key takeaway is the idea around it: something surprising and fun for people engaging with it…and entertaining for those watching it. In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled the next time you drop some quarters. You never know what might come out…