Note: This is a guest post written by Niki Forner, associate art director at AKHIA.

Right now, I’m thinking about:
Snacktime at work
The Blitz Box
The Roo burger

1. Snacks. Part of what keeps me fueled throughout the day is picking at small snacks to keep my brain both distracted and occupied. I’ve found it difficult to keep good snacks in my desk drawer that are tasty and that I can eat in quantities without packing on the pounds. Chocolate tastes great, but more than a piece or two and my butt will be the size of the exercise ball I sit on. Fresh fruit and veggies are hard to stock and even harder to keep fresh.

Here are a few ideas of what I like to stock to keep my cravings (and my weight) down:

  • Sensible Portions Veggie Straws These taste great (I like the ranch version), and you can have 38 straws for only 130 calories.
  • Whole Wheat Goldfish Crackers An oldie but a goodie. These remind me of summers at the pool when I was 7. Enjoy 55 fishies for 140 calories.
  • Boom Chica Pop This lightly salted, semi-sweet popcorn fixes my sweet tooth. At 37 calories per cup, you heard me, per cup, it’s a great way to snack and not feel guilty.

2. Blitz. Not just a football term. McDonald’s is testing out its newest creation, the Blitz Box, in some Midwest markets. For $14.99, you can get two burgers, two medium orders of fries and ten chicken nuggets with dipping sauce. FYI: You’re ingesting 2,270 calories.

I’m all for an occasional chicken nugget or piece of pizza but would prefer to purchase only what I need without having the excess. When it’s in front of me, I have a tendency to want to eat it. I guess the phrase “out of sight, out of mind” applies here. Do you think promotions like the Blitz Box furthering obesity rates in the US?

3. You fear The Roo, but would you eat the roo? This post goes far beyond the University of Akron’s clever sports marketing campaign of “Fear the Roo.” Many chefs are doing crazy things lately to both get creative with their meals and create buzz for their restaurant. What’s the most interesting thing you’d try in a restaurant?

Slater’s 50/50, a restaurant in southern California, is known for its gourmet burgers. Their newest on the menu is made of ½ ground bacon, and ½ kangaroo meat, appropriately named “the Roo,” topped with brie, huckleberry ketchup, thick cut bacon, crushed macadamia ricotta on a bed of baby greens, radish slices and placed on a honey wheat bun. I’ve been up for a lot of crazy meals lately, and I think you’d get me to try anything if you mix it with or put bacon on it. What’s your stance? “Roo” much?