What I’m thinking about today:

1.The ShamWow Guy is making a comeback…and that has me counting down the top five infomercials of all time.
2.The best thank you ad is so ‘Bad’
3.‘Mad Men’ will split final season in two
4.Facebook’s role in social commerce

1. The ShamWow Guy is back! Remember Vince, the Sham Wow Guy, aka, the Slap Chop Guy, a.k.a the ‘you’re gonna love my nuts’ guy, a.k.a the ‘beat up a hooker and got arrested guy’.

I think it’s great that Vince made the comeback – he definitely seems to have it turned around. I think the most interesting thing here though is…dude is 49?! Wow, that’s crazy!

Any way, in honor of Vince’s comeback I thought it was appropriate to share my top five infomercials:

Snuggie. Maybe you haven’t seen the AKHIA Snuggie video?  If you had you wouldn’t be surprised that this is my number one. I loved this craze. The commercials were pure entertainment. The people in the stands? Too much.

The Clapper. This infomercial got me through a lot of soap operas at the babysitter. If it wasn’t for the commercials I don’t know what I would’ve done. And this was definitely one that I looked forward to. Great song. Great product. But even at a young age I remember thinking how awkward that lady looks banging her hands together at the end of the commercial.

Chia Pet. Another oldie but goodie. This one is a classic and I still see these being sold in the ‘as seen on TV’ section at stores. How awesome was this song/tagline – “ch-ch-ch-chia!” Did anyone besides me actually own one?

Med-Alert. “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.” Enough said.

Ginsu. This was the original infomercial for me. The first one I remember seeing. Hey, when you’re six and a dude is cutting a can, whacking a tree branch and then cutting a slice of bread paper thin? I’m in! My parents probably loved the fact their first grader was asking for a Ginsu for Christmas.

2. It’s the best show on TV. Of course it’s going to have the best ‘thank you’ ad. Did you see the ad the cast of ‘Breaking Bad’ took out to thank its fans? It’s awesome, in a lot of ways. The image – simple and sweet – is the perfect tribute to the series. In a way, I find myself longing for the simplicity of season one. Just Walt and Jesse cooking in the RV. And I think the series has created that, done that for a reason.

Just like ‘Mad Men’ will always be about Don Draper, and ‘The Walking Dead’ will always be about Rick…’Breaking Bad’ will always be about Walter White. Not Heisenberg. I’m starting to see that now. And as does everything the series, its storyline and characters are about to come full circle. The ad, with the sun setting, shows us that.

3. Speaking of ‘Mad Men’. Looks like ‘Mad Men’ can’t pass up a seven and seven. AMC announced yesterday the final season will be split into two parts – part one will air in 2014 and be titled ‘The Beginning’; part two in 2015, titled ‘The End of an Era’.

I’m excited for the show and to see how it all ends for Don and the rest of the three martini lunch gang but honestly I don’t know if I can take the stress of another two parter. Granted, ‘Mad Men’ isn’t nearly as agonizing as ‘Breaking Bad’ but as Tom Petty says, the waiting is the hardest part.

So, you have almost two years to think about it, much like we did with ‘Breaking Bad’. How do you think it will all end? Will Don ride off into the sunset? As a fan, do you want him to? Just like with Walt in ‘Bad’ I think this can only end one way. ‘Mad Men’ has been too careful, too precise to let Don wander off to San Fransico one last time. No, I think there’s a Godfather III ending in store for him. You can’t behave the way he has and not expect there to be a price to pay. As much as we rooted for him to overcome everything as the series unfolded I think we’ll be rooting for him to finally be held accountable. That’s the beauty of the character, the show and creator Matthew Weiner.

4. Yea, the blog’s called ‘I’ve Ben thinking…’ but… I’m lucky enough to work with some awesome people. Most of who obsess over the same things I do and read and see a lot more on a daily basis than I do. One of those people is Amanda Kleinhenz, our lead social strategist. She sends me some great info pretty much on a regular basis. Here’s a blurb she sent me from a blog on All Facebook, which discussed Facebook’s role in social commerce:
-11 percent of Facebook’s referrals to social commerce websites came via mobile, compared to 31 percent of Twitter referrals and 26 percent of Pinterest referrals
-Facebook dominated social media referrals to social commerce sites at more than 60 percent, with Pinterest rising to more than 20 percent, and Twitter up more than 77 percent from the year-ago quarter, to nearly 10 percent.
-However, Facebook lagged behind in average order value, at $85.87, while Pinterest and Twitter were both above $90.
-The overall average order value from social media was $86.80 in the second quarter of 2013, compared with $75.82 in the second quarter of 2012.

These numbers aren’t all that surprising. While the numbers are high for Facebook I don’t know if it will be able to sustain as more people move to viewing social channels on mobile devices. In addition, Facebook is eventually going to have an identity crisis. Right now there isn’t one social network that is everything to everybody. And I’m not sure there will be or should be. But Facebook inadvertently, has kinda, sorta become the junk drawer of social media, which is why the value of purchases are going/will go down and other, more specialized channels will increase. I think Facebook is going to try and muscle through it and continue to try and be your everything so at the very least this will be interesting to watch unfold.