1.The business of poo…
2.Nationwide is listening…
3.Parents rejoice, YouTube videos will be available offline
4.Flash mobs are out. Flash parties are in (unfortunately).

1. The business of Poo… Pourri. Did you see the product that is the darling of AdWeek (recent appearance on its top 10 ad of the week) and Amazon? It’s Poo-Pourri, an odor eliminating toilet spray (that you spray before you go). Regardless of what you think about toilet humor you have to appreciate how Poo-Pouri handled the delivery – see for yourself.

2. Nationwide wants to make your day. Did you see this twitter campaign Nationwide is running? Further proofing social listening is worth its weight in gold the company is keeping an eye out for tweets that talk about those little annoyances that can mess up your day…and then swooping in to make it better with a Target gift card.

The campaign appears to be designed to drive brand awareness and help the company standout in the Twittersphere.  AKHIA’s Amber Christopher experience it up close and personal. The culprit? A broken nail.

I really like this approach because it’s simple. Measurement is something we need to be aware of in everything we do. But sometimes it’s not a bad thing to remember you need to get attention before you can hold attention. Nice work Nationwide. You got mine.

3. You know when you’re at a restaurant, wanting to be seated, and it’s taking a lot longer than you thought? The hostess said it would be 15 – 20 minutes but it’s going on 45. And that larger group that came in after you just got seated ahead of you? It’s annoying enough but throw in the fact that your kids are starting to climb the stranger’s leg next to you and have touched every square inch of the floor…not good. Well guess what – YouTube to the rescue. Now, you don’t need a strong signal to dial up reruns of ‘Rug Rats’ or ‘Mickey Mouse Clubhouse’. Videos will be available for offline viewing beginning in November as YouTube allows you to (temporarily) store them.

Long restaurant waits? Christmas shopping? Waiting at the airport? Crisis averted.

4. You’ve heard of flash mobs…but this is ridiculous. Not sure if you guys caught this but apparently flash mobs are out…and flash parties are in. Yep, kids breaking into someone’s house, ascending on it with all of their friends, drugging it up and trashing the place and then (of course) posting pictures of it on twitter.

This seems like something out of The Dark Knight rises, after Bane takes over. How is this possible? Is this what constitutes entertainment for kids in 2013? What happened to partying in your parents basement? Or the moon tower?