What I’m thinking about today:

1.A movie, by any other name, is still a movie.
2.Copyright v. Copywrong
3.Vines you have to see

Movies, as we know it, are changed. Need proof? Look at the large number of busts this summer. More than normal – or does it just seem like it? Overall, the movie business is up 10% over 2012, however, the number of flops is indicative of the fact that while more people may be seeing movies, the public as a whole is being a little more finicky about what they see.

You can blame social media and speed at which bad reviews, bad movies travel. Today you can literally find out how bad a movie is in real time. Not to mention the ‘scoring’ methods of resources like Moviefone and IMDB.

But I’d like to propose another reason why some movies are flopping. Sure, people are being more selective, but it’s not because their palette has improved overnight. It’s because we have more alternatives.

Want to get caught up on TV series you’ve never seen? Now it’s easier to do than ever. And what better time than the summer? Want to watch an older movie that is more entertaining than anything you’ll see in theaters? Right on your iPad? No problem. Apps, sites, etc. – it’s easier to get movies in your living room, on vacation, etc. than it is to drive to a movie theater. And cheaper.

And if the ease of watching alternatives wasn’t enough, the small screen is offering up better distractions in the summer. High drama and entertainment usually reserved for sweeps weeks is on in the middle of the summer (Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Newsroom). Summer by Bravo, with ridiculously juicy guilty pleasures and themed weeks, specifically Shark Week, are more anticipated than most summer blockbusters.

The competition has caught up to the box office. I remember reading an article about 10 years ago detailing how movies may eventually fade away. I thought it was ridiculous. To think that a classic tradition such as going to the movies would no longer be an option…was just impossible. Now, I understand what the article was saying. Will movie theaters go away? Probably not. But will the way movies are released and the way we watch them change? Yep. I’ve written here before that I think it would be easy to charge a higher cost to watch a movie at home, during it’s initial release, rather than try to get out and see it or wait for it to be released on DVD or for download.

Studios may want to try and look into their crystal ball. The first one that comes up with an app or a device to watch movies when they first come out may be protecting their business in the long run.

2. Animated GIFs… better have approvals. In case you missed it, you can now use animated GIFs on facebook. However, that doesn’t mean you’re free to use anyone, any movie clip, any music you want. The same ‘when all else fails’ rule still applies: unless the person who created the clip or is seen in the clip doesn’t give you permission, don’t use it.

I have to admit, this blanket rule, from the school of ‘better safe than sorry’, is hard to follow when you blog and post as much as I do. But I’ve basically taken to using homemade images and original artwork from AKHIA designers. I know my blog isn’t well known but apparently your blog doesn’t have to be to get sued.

This really muddies the waters of social media, Tumblr, specifically. Google any topic and you’ll pull up hundreds of images that are on fan blogs, review sites, etc., linked, re-linked and re-re-linked, most without any acknowledgement of the original source. We have our eyes peeled on the latest news and updates but until then you can understand the ‘better safe than sorry’ rule…

I joined Vine pretty much the first week it was available – and have been loving it ever since. One of the first people I followed was Nicholas Megalis, as I basically synched my twitter followers (I follow him on twitter as well). His was one of the first Vines I ever saw – and he became someone that I not only looked forward to but showed to others as examples of what Vine allows people to do, which is carve out their own unique space.

And Megalis has done just that. Literally. His style is very unique. So unique I can’t really describe it. So why am I taking time to tell you this today? Well Megalis has turned that style into an a Vine account that has the second highest amount of followers – and he’s doing Vines for brands now too. I love seeing stories like this. Who needs 15 minutes of fame? Today six seconds will do.