What I’m thinking about today:

1. Mobile ads don’t work.
2. 1-800-Gov-Shut
3. Content marketing and Great Lakes Brewing Company
4. Blogging – where your passions are on display

1. Mobile ads don’t work. Well, they do, but they aren’t consumed or viewed nearly as much as advertisers would like.

A researcher from Dartmouth released a report that shed some light on why that is – and I can’t disagree with any of the key findings. This is definitely worth a read; especially when you consider the simplicity of it. I think sometimes people expect there to be a silver bullet for mobile advertising but the fact is the device itself needs to be considered as much as the content/ad.

I do think, though, that as mobile use changes and ‘the shift’ continues to spread mobile advertising will become more accepted and some of the numbers in the article will increase.

2. One bad thing about the Government shutdown being over? We can’t take advantage of this cool website anymore. The site, DrunkDialCongress.org, encouraged people to…well…drunk dial congress and let them know what you think of the shutdown.

And now that its over the final numbers are in: the site had 785,000 visitors with 100,000 of those actually drunk dialing congress. That’s impressive, yes, but when it comes to alcohol and politics you have to figure half the nation is already arguing or yelling about this on a nightly basis. So the motivation was already there. Hell, I’m sure if you left it up year round the numbers would be impressive. And why not leave it up year round? Don’t the American people have the right to do a little drinking and then call up our representatives to let them know what we think of them? I think the only pre-requisite is you need to have voted. (Which would cut that number by 43%.)

3. If you’re a believer in content marketing than you’ve probably been preaching the virtues of it long before it was popular. Like most people in our profession, we’ve seen a spike in conversation around content marketing and development. Lukas Treu, one of our content architects, wrote a great piece on why companies should consider making a shift in their thinking.

In most of the conversations we’ve been having I always am asked for a few good examples that AKHIA isn’t responsible for. Without hesitation I point to American Express and its OPEN Forum. I think it’s a perfect example of how to build a community (small- to mid-size businesses) around objective and relevant content through a concise online and offline presence. Check it out. As a bonus, you can read the profile on Great Lakes Brewing Company, which was featured this week in an article titled ‘The beer that rebuilt a neighborhood.’

4. Blogging – it’s contagious! It’s been 10 months since I committed to blogging on a consistent basis. While it’s been challenging to search high and low for critical, earth-shattering, life-changing stories, such as this one about underwear colors, it’s been very rewarding. And it’s also been a great way to reconnect with some people I had lost touch with who are now regular readers.

I am planning on talking more about the experience toward the end of the year but one thing I’ve learned that is worth sharing now is what every writer will tell you is critical to writing success: don’t force it.

At the beginning I tried to update my blog every day. It’s damn near impossible. Not because I couldn’t write something every day. Because I couldn’t write something good every day. Not saying what I’m putting here is good; but at least I can feel good about it.  There were some days, early on, where I felt like I was stretching it, putting something on here that was a reach. By scaling back and writing more in the rhythm of the week, I was able to eliminate some stress, improve the quality of the stories and set a little more time aside for content research.

Hey, while we’re on the topic of blogging, I have to point you in the direction of some other blogs from AKHIA folks – the blogging bug has consumed us. And what I love is that people’s passions are on display. The number one rule of blogging (and writing in general) is to write about your passions and what interests you. These are some great examples of that:

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