I was happy to hear Steve Wozniak last night at E.J. Thomas Hall, in Akron, Ohio. He flirted with a lot of topics, including:

Education. “Why are people’s intellect determined by how they answer a question we all know the answer to?”

Rumblings that Apple is no longer an innovator. It’s concerning that the innovation is limited around the usage of the phone v. the phone itself.

The iPhone. “It changed and will continue to change our lives.”

And while it was impossible to fit a man of his background and experience into roughly an hour, Woz did stick to his theme of ‘vision’ fairly well. I don’t know if it was in the way a lot of people had hoped he would though. Woz didn’t give us a blueprint. He didn’t give us any tips. And frankly it wasn’t in any of the great stories he shared.

For me, Wozniak’s greatest testament to vision and embracing the future came in his first few minutes. In his opening comments he told the audience he was always very shy and struggled to talk even to one person, not to mention a full auditorium. But that was a long time ago and things change…and now here he was.

Wozniak talked a lot about vision simply being ‘thinking differently’. He gave several examples rooted in technology but for me, the thing he was able to change his thinking on the most was…himself. What made him step outside himself and become the person he is today? Did he know he was doing it? Was it his plan? And is there even an answer? It made me think and challenge myself. Do I have the courage to embrace the change that comes with a vision?