What I’m thinking about today:

The power of positive thinking is popular
Tide uses Vine for Halloween awesomeness
Eight takeaways on the future of online advertising

Don’t look know but positive thinking is in style. I came across this article on how Xerox used ‘optimism’ to launch its content marketing strategy, even going as far to name a Chief Optimism Officer. (The case study itself is actually quite interesting. Kudos to Xerox for asking the simple, hard question. The short-term results have ben 3,000 leads and $400 Million in smiles .)

I’m one of these people that would much rather focus on the things we can control. I think the fact that we have the opportunity to control something is the very definition of optimism. It frustrates me to dwell on and worry about the things we can’t. And even those things we can’t control? We can control how we plan to react. I think that’s part of the reason I was drawn to this profession; the ability to help people realize they can make a positive impact every day. How? Positive thinking. I remember reading an interview Jim Tressel did once where he talked about the very first thing he did every day was get into a mental state where he was prepared to think positively. He talked about how we all have a choice to think positively. How’s that for optimism?

I haven’t written about Vine in a few days so I thought I would share this very cool, very fun Halloween promotion from Tide. The company is celebrating Halloween in style by spoofing seven classic horror movie film scenes. The first one up was ‘Carrie’ and the rest will air before October 31.

Interesting that Tide is purchasing Twitter ads to promote these Vines. I’m curious what the call to action is beyond following them on Vine. Or if they feel compelled to just leave it at that? Either way, the idea is fun and showcases the brand in a little different light than you would traditionally associate it with.

Eight takeaways on the future of online advertising. I read this on the Smart Blog as it covered last Wednesday’s 4A’s Data Summit. Debra Schwartz, vice president of equity research on the Internet team at Goldman Sachs, gave a presentation in which she outlined eight predictions for the online-ad industry.

These are very important to note for our industry, specifically the last three which interest me the most. For the most part they validate what we have spent a lot of time talking about on this blog – how brands will need to alter their advertising strategy for today’s consumer. A more intuitive way of advertising is on the horizon and we seem to be another step closer to what I’m calling ‘real time content marketing’. I’m convinced advertising, as a medium, is going to evolve in a way where we’ll be viewing it through a new lens, much like we’re viewing content marketing now.