1. I don’t care if you’ve already seen this. Nor do I care if you don’t like him. And no, I don’t care that it’s not Wednesday…because this new Caleb the Camel (the stage name of the Geico camel) commercial is awesome. And it doesn’t matter that it’s Friday, because this ad is a reminder to silence the cell phone and plays before your movie. Even “Mike, Mike, Mike” is back!

2. Yea, the girl who quit by dancing all over her company was good (Marina Shifrin). She was fun to watch and was actually a pretty good dancer. But as good as it was the company’s response was actually better. The president played a key role in it and they admitted they work long hours and ‘eat lunch at their desks’…but felt the rooftop pool and sauna were a good tradeoff.

>My wife asked me ‘would you hire her?’ I don’t think I would. But I don’t think it matters. She was already offered a job on the Queen Latifah show.

3. 22% of mobile users have made ‘the shift’. I though this infographic from Forrester Research was interesting. It breaks down the categories of mobile users, ranging from actives to inactives. In the actives category you see perpetuals, immersers, adaptors, making up roughly 22% of mobile users. In other words, nearly a quarter of mobile users are relying on their phone as the primary source for day-to-day information gathering and exchange. Buying, researching, working, reading – the user experience is becoming more about the mobile and less about the phone. What category would you put yourself in?

4. Burger King is changing its name. Or, so it wants you think. The fast food chain has rebranded several stores and promotional items with its ‘new’ logo and name – Fries King. Why? To promote its new Satisfries and French Fry Burger.

Problem is the move is confusing a lot of folks that aren’t glued to their twitter and Facebook feeds all day. Or work in marketing. People are walking in to discover the name and logo change…only to ask what it means and if they’re in the right place. So, I guess that part of the strategy worked – get people asking about the new fries – but is it too much? Just like the fries themselves, which are only 70 calories less than the originals, is it worth it? There’s no doubt a lot of money poured into this effort – just in printing/production alone. Is it going to translate into more sales? And, more importantly, is there a ‘fries war’ going on that I’m not aware of? I just don’t get the ‘own the fries’ strategy.

It’s been a busy week – I wanted to make sure you saw links to a few blogs that I was excited to write and had some good traction.

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